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This unit contains 13 Winter themed math games to use with kindergarten and first grade students. Each of the center games has a dollar store option as well as cards that can be used in place of the dollar store items.

For each game we have included: a color version, a black and white version, an editable version in both color and black and white, a recording page specific to words, a generic recording page, a page for writing words and sentences, and directions of how to play each game. The editable versions allow the teacher to select their own words or to change the games to letters or numerals.

Themes included: gingerbread, snowmen, stockings, holiday friends, poinsettias, elves, ornaments, snowy trees, candy canes, jingle bells, and holiday lights.

Standards Covered:

Greater than/Less than
Making a 10
Counting On
Numeral Writing
Addition and Subtraction
Tally Marks
Number Combinations
More Combining Sets

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