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Easily plan a fun and engaging Christmas Party with these digital Christmas Party games! These digital Christmas party games are no prep, so they can be completed during centers, morning work, or as part of your Christmas party. There is more than enough to last the whole day and keep your little elves engaged! 6 digital Christmas Party games are included in both PowerPoint and Google Slides:

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1. GUESS WHO (oral language game):

Read the first clue to the students (see the following page for clues). Have the students name the pictures that do not match the clue. Click on the pictures that do not belong, and they will disappear (make sure the game is in presentation mode). Continue revealing clues and removing any pictures that do not belong until the class has correctly guessed the holiday character. This game will only work in PowerPoint.

2. SANTA'S CAM (mystery picture game):

Your students will see a zoomed-in portion of a larger picture on Santa’s (magic) cam. They will try to guess what the picture is based on this small glimpse. Three different clues will be given to help them guess the picture. Each clue will appear on a different slide. The mystery picture will be revealed on the last slide.

3. DIRECTED DRAWING (how-to draw Santa or reindeer):

Students will learn how to draw Santa or a reindeer. Each directed drawing includes 8 simple steps with easy to replicate lines. These steps build upon the previous step.

4. JINGLE JIVE (gross motor movement game):

This game can be used to play Charades or Santa Says. It can also be used as a brain break activity.

If you are playing Charades, you will need to privately message a student the action. You could do this via the chat box on your video conferencing platform. The class will try to guess the action. Once they have guessed correctly, share your screen to show the slide. Then, the entire class can complete that motion.

If you are playing Santa Says, share your screen. Display the game in presentation mode. For some of the slides you will say “Santa says.” For other slides, you will not. If there are any students who complete the action and Santa didn’t say to, they will sit. The last student standing wins!

5. HOLIDAY SCAVENGER HUNT (math & literacy game):

There are three rounds with four challenges. Each round has two math and two literacy challenges, as well as a clean up slide. The students will find something in their home for each challenge slide. You could have each student share the item they found, or you could choose just a few students for that slide. Once those students have shared, you could have the entire class hold up the item they found for that challenge. After the round is complete, the class will be instructed to put away their items.

6. TRICKY ELVES (CVC word building game):

Those tricky elves mixed up the words for each stocking! Help Santa know what’s inside the stocking by dragging the letters into the correct order to build each word. There are 6 pictures for each vowel, for a total of 30 CVC words.

You assume all risks associated with completing these activities.

I hope your kindergarten, first, and second grade students love these digital Christmas party games!

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