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Easily plan a fun and engaging first week of school with these digital back to school games! These digital back to school games and activities are no prep, so they are perfect to use when you are short on time. There is more than enough to last the whole day and keep your little learners engaged!

6 digital back to school games & activities are included in both PowerPoint and Google Slides. Guess Who will only work in PowerPoint.

1. GUESS WHO (oral language game):

Read the first clue to the students (see the following page for clues). Have the students name the pictures that do not match the clue. Click on the pictures that do not belong, and they will disappear (make sure the game is in presentation mode). Continue revealing clues and removing any pictures that do not belong until the class has correctly guessed the character. This game will only work in PowerPoint.

2. CLASSROOM CAM (mystery picture game):

Your students will see a zoomed-in portion of a larger picture on the Classroom (magic) Cam. They will try to guess what the picture is based on this small glimpse. Three different clues will be given to help them guess the picture. Each clue will appear on a different slide. The mystery picture will be revealed on the last slide. There are 10 mystery pictures included. Google Slides and PowerPoint

3. DIRECTED DRAWING (how-to draw a school bus or pencil):

Students will learn how to draw a school bus or pencil. Each directed drawing includes 8 simple steps with easy to replicate lines. These steps build upon the previous step. Google Slides and PowerPoint

4. SCHOOLTIME SHUFFLE (gross motor movement game):

This game can be used to play Charades or Teacher Says. It can also be used as a brain break activity.

If you are playing Charades, you will need to privately message a student the action. You could do this via the chat box on your video conferencing platform. The class will try to guess the action. Once they have guessed correctly, share your screen to show the slide. Then, the entire class can complete that motion.

If you are playing Teacher Says, share your screen. Display the game in presentation mode. For some of the slides you will say “Teacher says.” For other slides, you will not. If there are any students who complete the action and Teacher didn’t say to, they will sit. The last student standing wins! Google Slides and PowerPoint

5. WOULD YOU RATHER (getting to know you game):

Read the “would you rather” question to your class. Have them use their fingers to show you which choice they would prefer. Choose a few students for each choice and have them explain why they picked that choice. Have your students use the sentence frame: I would rather ___, because ___. Not only is this game great for building oral language, it is also great for getting to know each other! There are 25 different “would you rather” questions included. Google Slides and PowerPoint

6. BACKPACK BANDIT (beginning sounds alphabet game):

That sly fox mixed up all of the backpacks! Help the teacher capture the “Backpack Bandit” by dragging the item that begins with that sound to the backpack. There are 31 slides (one for each consonant and two for each vowel). Google Slides and PowerPoint

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You assume all risks associated with completing these activities.

I hope your students love these digital back to school games!

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