Differentiated Leveled Close Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions BUNDLE

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This bundle of printable and digital reading comprehension passages and activities requires students to use close reading skills to practice making logical inferences, citing text evidence, and drawing conclusions from the text. Each week-long lesson follows a close reading model and includes a teacher guide and notes to make teaching the lesson easy!

PRINT & GO or ASSIGN DIGITALLY! Easily differentiate instruction with the leveled reading passages for grades 3-5. Includes everything you need to teach 5 close reading lessons each month.

⭐⭐These high-interest and engaging topics will captivate the interest of students, and the detailed teacher guides and notes make them perfect to leave as sub plans, too!⭐⭐

What's included?

  • 45 weeks of printable and digital reading passages (each with 2 levels) 90 passages in all!

  • Implementation Guides

  • Teacher Guides and Notes

  • Classroom Posters

  • Mark It Up! Annotation Cards and Guides

  • Text-Dependent Questions

  • Vocabulary Practice

  • Written Responses

  • Close Reading Graphic Organizers

  • Answer Keys

A digital Google Slides option is also included for every lesson!

If you choose to purchase the sets individually, you will spend a total of $135.00. Grab this BUNDLE at a DEEPLY DISCOUNTED PRICE of 40% OFF!


Why Teach Close Reading Skills?

Close reading is required in the English Language Arts Common Core reading standards for all grade levels (K-12). In these standards, repeated readings and discussions of a text guide students through levels of understanding and inquiry. Students are expected to:

  • Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly

  • Make logical inferences from their interactions with text

  • Cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text

Close reading is a strategy that helps students independently comprehend increasingly challenging texts in order to become college and career-ready. These strategies mirror the structure of the Common Core standards. Implementing close reading ensures a standards-based and multi-leveled approach to your instruction.

About this resource:

These high-interest, engaging, and curriculum-based topics come with differentiated reading comprehension passages for grades 3-4 and 4-5. Each passage is written at 2 different levels to allow for differentiation during instruction. The content of the 2 passages is the same, and the text-dependent questions are the same. However, the reading levels are different. This makes it easy for you to provide students with the same questions and activity sheets while also allowing students to practice close reading skills on their reading level.

Note: Each reading passage is leveled with special symbols at the bottom left corner to denote difficulty levels.

Perfect for:

  • morning work

  • literacy centers

  • reading stations

  • whole-group work

  • small group work

  • independent desk work

  • early finishers

  • homework

  • summer school

  • remediation

  • test prep

  • sub plans - and so much more!

Topics Included Each Month:


Hurricanes: One of the Most Violent Storms on Earth

Remembering 9/11: We Will Never Forget!

Monarch Butterflies: An Amazing Trip Through Migration

Emojis and Emoticons: Where Did They Come From?

Deadliest Animals: It's a Scary World Out There!


Are Ghosts Real? The Truth About Ghosts

The Art of Candy Corn: A Halloween Favorite

The Witch Craze: A Dark Time in American History

Pumpkin Splash! Do pumpkins really float?

The Making of a Monster: It's not an easy task!


Turkey Time! The Truth About the All-American Bird

Black Friday Frenzy: The Busiest Shopping Day of the Year

Honoring Our Veterans: A Special Day of Thanks

A Horn of Plenty: The Meaning Behind the Cornucopia

Fantastic Fall Foliage: It's Almost Magical!


Candy Canes: The History Behind the Hook

Real vs. Fake Christmas Trees: Which is the greener choice?

Fruitcake: The Story Behind This Holiday Treat

National Cookie Day: A Day to Celebrate a Favorite Dessert

Winter Solstice: A Time to Celebrate


New Year's Resolutions: An Old Tradition of Setting Goals

Commercial Break Bowl: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Big Game (Super Bowl)

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Fight For Equality: A True Hero!

Chinese New Year: A Holiday Based on a Legend

The Story of Birthstones: A Special Gift That is a Real Gem!


Punxsutawney Phil: The World's Most Famous Groundhog (Groundhog Day)

Black History Month: Honoring Those Who've Changed History

Chocolate Addiction: The Science Behind This Sugary Treat (Valentine's Day)

Presidents' Day: The Confusion About This Holiday

Bird Migration: The Facts Behind Why Birds Migrate (Animal Migration)


Women in History: How to Celebrate Women's History Month (Women's History Month)

Basketball Legends: The Greatest Basketball Players of All Time (March Madness)

Could Leprechauns Be Real? The Legend of Irish Leprechauns (St. Patrick's Day)

Ditching the Switch: The Call for Permanent Daylight Saving Time

The Rock Cycle: Where do rocks come from? (Metamorphic, Sedimentary, and Igneous Rocks)


What is COVID-19? An Outbreak That Took The World By Storm

Jelly Beans: The Science Behind This Sugary Snack

Baseball Legends: The Greatest Baseball Players of All Time

Caring for Planet Earth: Celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day

The Titanic: The True Story Behind the "Unsinkable" Ship


Tornadoes: A Devastating Force on Earth

Peanut Allergies: A Dangerous Food or Yummy Treat?

Spring Fever: Is it Real or Imagined?

Ecosystems: How Plants and Animals Survive

Memorial Day: A Time to Honor Those Who Served

Your monthly close reading lesson plans are done for the ENTIRE YEAR! All teacher guides, notes, answer keys, and implementation plans are included!

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