Descriptive Writing: Snowman Exchange | Winter Activity | Drawing

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If you are looking for a great way to get your students EXCITED to write, as well as a way to incorporate art...and perhaps a little laughter into your classroom, my exchange projects are 100% the answer! I can honestly say that I am JUST AS EXCITED as my students are when they reveal their work to one another, and I'm sure you will be the same.
Here's how it works:
★The students are asked to create a snowman by designing it on a template I provide for you. They are then asked to describe it by writing a very detailed descriptive paragraph...or two...or three. You, or they, can decide!
★The student, when finished, gives their descriptive paragraph to a partner of either their choice or yours to see if they can recreate the same exact snowman based solely on what they have written!
★Their partner can NOT see their snowman until they have drawn it as it is described. Then, the fun part happens...the truth is revealed as the original design is shared with their partner! Then it's time to switch! Their partner now shares their descriptive writing, and the other kiddo has to try to recreate it. SO MUCH FUN!!!
★At this point, you can display their work in the hallway.
  • Detailed letters for both the teacher and student as to how the process works
  • Example pages with my very own descriptive writing and snowman creation, along with the drawing that my partner did...that was so much fun for the both of us!
  • Several writing templates...each one varies in line spacing, and one is even provided for primary kiddos, if needed.
  • Two ready-to-design snowman templates
  • Half and full-page options of page templates for students to draw on (if you choose NOT to use the snowman templates)
  • Editing Checklist
  • Themed word lists to help students choose theme-appropriate vocabulary
  • A version of the example pages that can easily be displayed on a Smart Board or computer for closer examination during whole group instruction
  • Bulletin board letters that say "Snowman Exchange," along with printable design accents to complete your look and grab the attention of everyone that walks by! (The word "snowman" comes in both colored and black and white options - 2 fonts are available.)
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