Decode & Read Practice! 53 Phonics Word Lists to Promote Decoding | Printable Classroom Resource | Learning with Heart

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Do your students need extra help with decoding words? This resource will be perfect!

This resource will help students practice this skill independently, with a teacher or buddy, or for extra practice at home.

Simply print and cut...decodable practice is ready to go!

This resource allows students to decode many words, following various phonics skills.

The students will touch the circle to "decode" the word. Then they will touch the arrow to "read" the word. See the video to see it in action!

What's Included:

  • 53 phonics skills
  • 2 per sheet for easy printing

Some of the skills included...

  • CVC words
  • Digraphs: ch, sh, th, wh, ck
  • Trigraphs: tch, dge
  • Double Consonant Rule
  • 2 Sound Blends
  • Closed 2 Syllable
  • Open Syllable
  • Magic E (VCe)
  • Vowel Teams AI, AY, EA, EE, -Y
  • Vowel Teams IGH, OA
  • Suffix -ED
  • Diphthongs OI, OY, AW
  • Consonant -le
  • Schwa
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