Decodable CVC Word Sound Boxes for Orthographic Mapping, Segmenting & Blending

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Practice tapping and mapping sounds in CVC words with the original color-coded CVC Word Boxers! These CVC word sound boxes help build decoding skills and reading fluency. For multisensory CVC word practice, use the CVC word cards with red, yellow and green markers, such as bingo chips, linking cubes, teddy bear counters or any other manipulative... a visual, kinesthetic, tactile and auditory approach to orthographic mapping!

The color coded CVC cards help students identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds; therefore, making it easier for students to segment each CVC word. Being able to easily segment CVC words and blend sounds is crucial for successful decoding! Plus, the color coding helps with directionality!

These CVC Word Sound Boxes are perfect for whole group, small group and reading intervention! Just tap and map your way to building better readers!

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Have the students place the colored markers in the appropriate colored circle. Remind them that green is the beginning sound, yellow is the middle, and red is the ending sound. Green means “go and stretch it out.” Yellow means “say the sounds slowly.” Red means “stop at the end of the word.” The color coded letters help with reading left to right.

The students will push the green chip down as they say the beginning sound, the yellow chip as they say the middle sound, and the red chip as they say the ending sound. They will push one chip for each phoneme. After pushing all of the chips down and saying all three phonemes, they will slide their finger along the black arrow and say the word.

These cards can also be used with magnetic letters or letter tiles. Simply place the letters inside the appropriate circle. Then, push down one letter for each phoneme as described above. After pushing each letter and saying all three phoneme, the students will slide their finger along the black arrow and say the word.

111 CVC sound box picture cards...

- 32 short a

- 18 short e

- 22 short i

- 18 short o

- 21 short u

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