CVC Short A Phonics Centers & Worksheets | Phonics Activities | Kinder,1st Grade

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Are you looking for fun, hands-on, and engaging phonics literacy centers that align with the Science of Reading curriculum? My phonics centers are just what you need!

Are you guilty of having worksheets for every center? (don't worry - I was, too!). This is why I created these hands-on centers that focus on phonics patterns and motor skills. With a mixture of fun worksheets and hands-on activities, your students will learn their phonics patterns while staying engaged (which also decreases behavioral problems - WIN-WIN!!)

Included products:

  • Phonics Cards for pocket chart
  • 17 Hands-On Centers that focus on motor skills

Cat Catch

Cat Match

Secret Words (with recording sheet)

Dot It!

Build It! (with snap cubes or legos)

Type It! (Grab It! - version 2)

Punch It!

Stick It!

Build It, Make It, Write It

Roll It!

Unicorn Words

Pop It!

Spell It!

Clip It!

Feed Me

Mystery Word

  • 80+ pages of worksheets

Gumball Pop x2

Comprehension x

Build-A-Sentence x2

Sentence Match x7 (2 versions)

Color by Phonics Pattern x2

Crossword x2

Secret Words x2

I Can Read x3

I Can Write x2 (with and without a word bank)

Word Search (Search and Find) x2

Word Match x3

Word Search x2

Read, Write, Color x6 (2 versions)

Build It x2

Maze x1

Color, Trace, Write x4

Draw It x2

Search and Write x2

Medial Sounds x2

Match It Up x1

Rhyming Words x1

Comprehension x2

New Words (substitution) x2

Onset and Rime x1

ABC Order x2

Directed Drawing x2

  • Center instruction cards
  • Phonics Posters
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