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These Compare and Contrast Reading Comprehension Passages will increase fluency and comprehension! Let's take "text evidence" to a new level! This pack is concentrated specifically on applying the skill of comparing and contrasting topics and details within a text.

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What is included in this resource?

  • 20 manageable passages that focus on identifying similarities and differences within a text. There are both nonfiction and fiction passages within the set.
  • The pack contains compare and contrast posters and smaller posters that contain visual aides to help students remember and utilize the color-coding strategy.

How can I use these passages?
Having a set of focused passages makes it easy to follow-up with your whole group mini lessons and comprehension lessons within your small groups. Or, use some of the passages as assessments to ensure student understanding and application of the strategy. These would also make great quick-checks that you could use to target students who are still in need of additional help with the strategy.

Students read each passage three times for fluency and focus, keeping track each time they read. Then, your students will interact directly with the text as they color-code to compare and contrast information within the passage. Finally, students will illustrate the pictures according to the information they read in the text! This is so FUN and engaging for kiddos! My kids thought it was a treat to get to color the pictures – but really, they were utilizing importance comprehension skills as they went back into the text to find the clues!

What grade levels will benefit from these passages?

These passages are ideal for first graders, second graders, and intervention students.

Happy Learning!

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