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Use these bathroom signs for any primary classroom bathroom to help with accessibility, cleanliness, and effectiveness! Students will be reminded of simple rules for the bathroom with easy-to-read words and pictures. Signs come in bright rainbow, boho rainbow, color, and black-and-white sets.

The Bathroom Signs resource set is a group of seven simple bathroom rules. Perfect for young students and a classroom bathroom! The rules say:

- close the door

- flush the toilet

- wash your hands

- use soap

- dry your hands

- throw away garbage

- don't waste time

- throw toilet paper in the toilet

And the Spanish posters say:

- cierra la puerta

- bajale al inodoro

- lavate las manos

- seca tus manos

- usa jabon

- tira la basura en el cubo

- no juegues

Also includes signs that say "stop" and "go" in English and Spanish.

All signs have a corresponding picture. Print on cardstock and laminate for durability.

Enjoy! :)

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