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Kick the day off right - BITMOJI Style! Posting a morning message is the perfect way to engage your students the minute they walk through the door. There's no need to worry about constantly being interrupted or repeating yourself over and over!


PLEASE NOTE: This product complies with all BITMOJI Guidelines, is considered fair use under U.S. Copyright Laws.




Let your students know exactly what your morning expectations are. All 36 slides are EDITABLE!

Use your morning message to provide structure and routine each day. Give students a heads up about changes in the schedule or reminders for the day/week.

These 36 morning message slides will provide structure and routine that students need. Academic instruction can be woven in through the daily question of the day, and each daily quote will spark important conversations that will bring your classroom community together on a deeper level.

Put a smile on the faces of your students each morning! Relate to them through something they are familiar with - BITMOJIS! Easily make your morning message fun and inviting by replacing my BITMOJI Avatar with yours. Directions are included, along with a step-by-step video tutorial!

What you get:

  • 36 Pre-filled and Editable Slides for the Month
  • Date (editable)
  • Daily Quote (editable)
  • Question of the Day (editable)
  • To-Do List (editable)
  • Directions for how to add your BITMOJI Avatar
  • 16 different ways and Ideas for how to use these slides each morning
  • Written directions included or watch a video tutorial!

Easy to Edit!

  • Follow the directions included in the download.
  • Choose your style of learning: read the directions or watch a video tutorial
  • Easily create & save BITMOJI Avatars to your computer!

Easy to Customize!

All text fields are editable! You can edit the:

  • Daily Quote
  • Question of the Day
  • Date
  • To-Do List
  • BITMOJI Avatar

I created this resource for hectic mornings in the classroom. There’s always so much to do! I needed my students to come in quietly and know exactly what to do without me having to repeat it one hundred times! I know you’ve been there, too.

This resource is perfect for hectic mornings, simple visual directions, and it's the perfect addition to sub plans!

Use your morning message to teach your students how to start the day independently. Give them opportunities to reflect on the daily quote, question of the day, important events, reminders, or review academic skills. BITMOJI Avatars are fun! Incorporate them into your daily message to students! They will love it!

***UPDATED 12/19/19:

Christmas is the main holiday celebrated in the United States during December. In order to embrace all cultures that celebrate holidays during this month, I have included a variety of slides to choose from. Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are also celebrated during this month. Slides 29-32 address these two holidays. It is important to involve all cultures and seek ways to inform and include. If you have a population of students that primarily celebrate Christmas, you may want to use slides 33-39. The rest of the slides have been adapted to focus mainly on the winter season and holiday activities found in the month of December. Please use this product at your discretion. Remember, this resource is completely editable and you can easily adapt this product to meet the needs of your classroom.

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