Christmas Around the World Craft & Holidays Around the World Slides

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Celebrate the Holidays Around the World, as you travel to 16 countries and learn about 9 Christmas Around the World and 8 holiday celebrations! Engage your students with this complete Holidays Around the World unit, including student passports, boarding passes for each country, 50+ interactive student pages, and 64 nonfiction slides with real photographs. Your students will never forget this magical celebration and multicultural learning experience, as they travel the world to learn about the diverse holiday traditions!

With an integration of math, literacy, and social studies, each of the holidays around the world and Christmas around the world celebrations includes just the right amount of information to review just one country per day. Learn about just the holidays, just the Christmases, or a combination of the two. Choose to visit as many countries and learn about as many celebrations as will fit into your schedule!

Before embarking on your journey around the world, increase student engagement by having your students create their passports. To help set the stage, the students will also fill in a boarding pass prior to traveling to each holiday destination. After learning about that country’s holiday traditions, the students will add that stamp to their passport and color that country on their travel map. This is an excellent way to integrate geography and practice map skills!

Easily plan and teach about the holidays around the world with the no prep nonfiction slides containing real photographs and kid-friendly language. Simply project each of the 64 slides to learn about the cultural traditions of each of the holidays. Easy peasy!

Then, complete the matching interactive student pages for each celebration. There are at least three printable student pages per holiday. The student pages are interactive, meaning the students will need to complete a task, to help them better retain the information. All shape book pages are black and white for easy prep.

After finishing your holidays around the world travel, your students will create a craft of the world to use as the cover for their Holidays Around the World book. If you do not want your students to create the craft or to cut out each of the pages, simply stack and staple the pages into a book.

Learn about just one country’s holiday traditions each day... and at the end of your travel, the students will have a handy world shaped book containing all sorts of facts about the various holidays around the world. This is a great way to display and solidify their learning!


  1. Hanukkah in Israel
  2. Kwanzaa in the U.S.A.
  3. Chinese New Year in China
  4. Diwali in India
  5. St. Lucia’s Day in Sweden
  6. Las Posadas in Mexico
  7. Ramadan in Egypt
  8. Christmas in Australia
  9. Christmas in America
  10. Christmas in Canada
  11. Christmas in England
  12. Christmas in France
  13. Christmas in Germany
  14. Christmas in Italy
  15. Christmas in the Netherlands
  16. Christmas in Russia


  • Student Passport
  • 16 Passport Stamps
  • 16 Boarding Passes
  • 54 Interactive Student Pages
  • 64 Nonfiction Slides with Photographs
  • 2 World Craft Cover Templates (Holidays Around the World or Christmas Around the World)

Your students will love traveling around the world as they learn about 9 Christmas Around the World and 8 holiday celebrations!

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