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Enhance reading comprehension and writing skills with this engaging bulletin board and writing activity bundle for the entire year. These book review writing prompt templates are perfect for bulletin boards, door decor, or hallway displays. Encourage your students to reflect on their favorite (or not-so-favorite) books while providing a valuable framework for their writing. Posting their book reports or reviews in the classroom will inspire your future readers to make informed decisions about their reading choices.


In this resource, students will be able to: 

  • express their opinion through writing using book review templates 
  • develop his or her writing style and voice 
  • learn how to write an effective book review by including essential elements
  • learn how those elements can help him or her express opinions 


Included in this download:

  • Classroom Poster About Writing the BEST Book Reviews
  • Student Bookmarks with Steps to Writing Book Reviews (color and b/w)
  • Monthly Book Review Planning Sheets (color and b/w) 
  • Monthly Book Review Writing Templates (color and b/w)
  • Monthly Book Review Toppers for Display (color and b/w)
  • Book Review Rubric for Easy Grading
  • Bulletin Board Letters for Each Month
  • (Teacher Requested Items) Binder covers and dividers for you to use if you want to put all monthly book reviews in a 3-ring binder to refer to throughout the year (color and b/w)
  • Quick Tips for Printing and Displaying Book Reviews


This resource is perfect for:

  • month-long bulletin boards, door decor, or hallway displays
  • strengthening reading comprehension skills 
  • providing a framework for writing
  • helping students reflect on books they read
  • inspiring students to make informed decisions about their reading choices


The best part?

You can easily introduce dynamic writing activities that will ignite your students' love for reading. These book review writing templates are versatile and can be used to create eye-catching bulletin boards, captivating door decor, or engaging hallway displays.


In this one convenient resource, you can…

  • have ready-to-go writing activities that will strengthen reading comprehension while developing fundamental writing skills. 
  • provide a solid framework for expressing thoughts and opinions effectively.
  • showcase insightful, eye-catching book reviews each month in the classroom.
  • help your students make informed decisions about the books they choose to read.
  • use these pre-made writing templates as sub plans when you need to take a day (or week) off!


Spice up your bulletin board with these captivating book reviews that are perfect for each season! And the best part? You can leave them up all through each month. Get your students excited about reading and let their creativity soar with an array of inspiring book reports on display!


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