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Editable Bright Rainbow Student Hand Signal Poster Set
Enhance classroom management and communication with my vibrant and engaging Editable Student Classroom Hand Signals! This set of eight hand signals is designed to foster a smooth and efficient classroom environment, helping students and teachers communicate silently and effectively.

What's Included:

  • Editable Hand Signal Download
  • PDF Hand Signal Download

PLEASE NOTE: The editable version has text editable only, the background images ARE NOT EDITABLE.

  • Water: A colorful signal for students to indicate they need a drink.
  • Restroom: A clear sign for restroom breaks, minimizing disruptions.
  • Help: An easy-to-recognize signal for students to ask for assistance.
  • Pencil: A practical signal for when students need a pencil.
  • Ready: A bright signal for students to show they are ready to proceed.
  • Tissue: A convenient signal for students needing a tissue.
  • Comment: A respectful way for students to indicate they have something to add.
  • Not Ready: A thoughtful signal for students to express when they need more time.


  • Vibrant Rainbow Symbols: Each hand signal is designed with colorful rainbow symbols, making them easy to see and understand.
  • Composition Notebook Theme: The hand signals feature a unique composition notebook theme color accent, adding a touch of fun and consistency to your classroom decor.
  • PDF Format: Easy to print and ready to use, making classroom setup simple and efficient.
  • Reusable: Durable and designed to be used year after year, providing lasting value.
  • Versatile: Suitable for any elementary grade level, making it a versatile addition to any classroom.

Perfect For:

  • Classroom Management: Improve classroom efficiency and minimize disruptions with clear, silent communication.
  • Student Engagement: Foster a sense of responsibility and independence in students as they use the hand signals.
  • Visual Learning: Support visual learners with colorful and easily recognizable signals.

Why You'll Love It:

These multicultural hand signals are designed to make classroom communication more effective and less disruptive. By incorporating these engaging and colorful signals, you can create a more organized and responsive classroom environment.

Make classroom communication a breeze with my Student Classroom Hand Signals, and enjoy a more harmonious and efficient school year!

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