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Brainamin is a challenging educational phonics and word recognition game for little learners! You'll receive ALL Brainamin games in one convenient zip folder downlaod!

This ULTIMATE BUNDLE contains the following FIVE Brainamin sets:

  • Brainamin Short Vowels Games
  • Brainamin Long Vowels (Silent E) Games
  • Brainamin Vowel Teams Game
  • Brainamin Diphthong Game
  • Brainamin R-Controlled Games

While playing the Brainamin games, students will work on important skills including phonics, fluency, word recognition, and critical thinking. Students must quickly put their “reading brains” to work by being the first player to uncover and call out the matching word and picture for each set of cards. While many educational games require students to wait their turn before challenging themselves and attempting the skill at hand, Brainamin allows ALL players to be actively involved in learning during each and every round.

Students must decode and read all six words on the word card. Then, they must quickly scan all six pictures and call out the match before any other player. Students could also play this game independently by using a sand timer to “beat the clock.”

The result is a fast-paced game that takes “matching” to the next level by creating an engaging experience that mixes learning and fun!

Students will build literacy skills, visual-discrimination skills, visual-motor skills, processing skills, and so much more!

When & How Can I Use Brainamin in the Classroom?

Brainamin is perfect for the small group table as a phonics or word work activity. It makes a great “warm-up” for guided reading time and is perfect for literacy and word work centers! Because Brainamin is fun for kids and combines reading and thinking skills, it makes a great intervention tool for RTI time. It also works nicely as a fast finisher activity. Due to students only needing the cards and their brains to play, it can be easily stored in the classroom and retrieved at center time, morning work time, and as a transition activity. There are so many possibilities for using Brainamin in the classroom!

Check out the free preview download to see visual directions and photographs for this game.

Brainamin is the fast-thinking phonics and word recognition game! You exercise and take vitamins to keep your body healthy, now do the same for your brain by adding word recognition and phonics skills into your “thinking workout” each day!

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