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Improve student behavior with this "I Can Make Good Choices" behavior management system, including behavior charts, token boards, reward coupons, goal cards and positive take home notes! Choose from 12 behavior charts, including token boards with 3, 5 and 10 tokens, to best meet the needs of your students. Use this positive behavior management tool to help teach students to manage their behavior!


The kid-friendly "I Can" behavior statements help establish clear expectations and make goal setting simple! Plus, they serve as a great visual reminder for the students, as they work to earn one of the 70 reward coupons!


Gain lost instructional time spent redirecting challenging behavior and help every student be successful with the customizable token economy boards!




1. Choose a token board.

2. Choose an "I Can" behavior goal.

3. Choose a reward.

4. Earn tokens.

5. Earn reward.


Included Behavior Management Tools:

12 Token Boards

50 "I Can" Behavior Goal Cards (color & bw)

70 Reward Coupons (color & bw)

50 Positive Behavior Notes

Editable "I Can" Behavior Goal Cards

Editable Reward Coupons

Editable Positive Behavior Notes


The editable "I Can" Behavior Goal Cards and Reward Coupons will need to be edited in PowerPoint. You can purchase AG 180 Days here, and you can download KG Blank Space Solid for free here.


The editable Positive Behavior Notes will need to be edited in Adobe Acrobat Reader with the embedded font.

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