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What's the difference between dreading morning arrival time and loving it? Morning Work Tubs! Engage your kindergarten students with these Back To School, fine motor-focused, morning work bins that explore new concepts and offer valuable practice through play for essential skills in both Math and ELA. In this set, you will find everything you need to organize, set up, and get started including over 30 activities. Why Morning Work: ►keeps students engaged in meaningful activities ►provides hands-on practice in essential skills for both ELA and Math concepts ►allows students to work cooperatively with other students ►allows the teacher to complete morning tasks while students work independently ►focuses on essential concepts and standards while incorporating fine motor skills
►builds student confidence as they manage materials and clean-up independently
►are differentiated so all students can feel successful
Skills Targeted In This Set: ✅ fine motor skills
✅ name recognition
✅ letter formation
✅ alphabetic concept
✅ letter/sound correspondance
✅ number recognition
✅ non-standard measurement
✅ number formation
✅ counting
✅ sorting ✅ number/quantity correspondence __________________________________________________________________
Here's What You'll Find Inside:
This packet of Morning Work Bin activities includes step-by-step instructions on how to set up stations, and organize and introduce them to your students.
►Name plate cards
►Morning Work Tub number identification cards
►32 Back To School Tub Activity Printables (including some editable ones that focus on name recognition
►'I Can . . .' cards with picture and activity instructions to build independence for each station _________________________________________________________________ What teachers are saying:
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This is the resource that started it all for my classroom transformation! I bought this and started using fine motor tubs as morning work instead of worksheets. It was life-changing for my class and for me. We spend our morning time with a soft start and we are all so much happier. Bonus, I get to help develop the ever-important fine motor muscles. This is a must-have in kindergarten, for sure!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I initially used the activities for centers with my students. I loved the differentiation component and fine motor skills involved! As the years pass and the need for incoming children intensifies, I am so excited to utilize these as intended: No paper, morning workstations! This summer has been filled with learning about the best practices for teaching our children now! I have been obsessed with Marsha's work and she ALWAYS has amazing products, advice, and practices!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This is probably one of the best items I have purchased on TPT. It is exactly what my students needed to build upon their fine motor skills in fun ways. I have even gone back a purchased the monthly themed packs! This recourse is organized very well and thoughtfully put together. It was really helpful to read about it on her blog too! Thanks again!"
Station Activities Included In This Set
  1. Cutting paper with fancy scissors
  2. Cutting straws with scissors
  3. Cutting on the lines
  4. Linking links together
  5. Measuring with links
  6. Using links to link letters in your name
  7. Use links to link numbers in order
  8. Use links to link together letters in order
  9. Use a hole punch to make holes in paper
  10. Use hole punches to represent a number
  11. Use a hole punch to punch out letters that do not match the beginning sounds
  12. Use the dough to make letters
  13. Use the dough to make letters in my name
  14. Use an extruder to squeeze dough and cut with scissors
  15. Match nuts and bolts by twisting them together
  16. Connect pop beads
  17. Connect pop beads to measure objects
  18. Connect pop beads to make a pattern
  19. Use a push pin to follow the dotted lines to make letters in my name
  20. Find the objects hidden in therapy putty
  21. Find objects hidden in putty and sort them by shape
  22. Find objects hidden in putty and sort them by color
  23. Roll the dice and use tongs to move frogs to the lily pad
  24. Use tongs to sort pompoms by color
  25. Use tongs to make the letters on the letter mat
  26. Use tongs to move erasers to make letters in your name
  27. Use a cotton swab to trace the letters in my name
  28. Use stickers to make the letters in your name
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