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These Back to School themed math and literacy centers/games are the perfect introduction to learning for your little ones! Each activity comes with a variety of choices so you can meet all of your learner’s needs. Here’s what’s included:

Fill the Backpack - Choose from working on capital or lower-case letters. Place cards in a sensory bin and have students choose one at time. Students can say the letter and “fill” the backpack or say the letter, color/trace/write it on a recording sheet, and then place it in the backpack. Choose from 6 optional recording sheets to use.

Backpack SMASH – (Vocabulary Game) Students choose a card, identify the picture, and then SMASH the picture on the backpack with play-doh! 9 pictures included: apple, book, crayons, glue, paper, scissors, notebook, marker, and a pencil. This is a GREAT introduction to SMASH games!

Glue-Dot Math Games

Feed the Glue Bottle: Students choose a card and feed that number of glue dots (white pom-poms) to the glue bottle. Cards come 1-20 and come with numbers only and numbers with quantity. Optional number tracing sheets also included in 1-5, 1-10, or 1-20.

10/20 Frames: Students choose a card and show that number on the 5/10/20 frame.

Crayon Box Shape Hunt - Use as a write the room or place cards in a sensory bin. Two recording sheets included: color the shape or trace the shape.

Patterns - Students can either copy the pattern or finish the pattern. 10 AB, 5AAB, 5ABB, and 5 ABC Patterns included. Comes with 4 worksheets for extra practice.

Crayon Puzzles - 6 different versions to choose from: capital letter to capital letter, lowercase letter to lowercase letter, capital letter to lowercase letter, capital letter to beginning sound, lowercase letter to beginning sound, or capital and lowercase letter to beginning sound. Also comes with 6 recording sheets.

*Everything comes in color and black and white.

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