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Crack the Codes allow students to feel success in all academic areas, while working hard to collaborate, persevere, and problem solve with their peers. Crack the Codes take students on a "scavenger hunt" style game where six clue cards will need to be located and solved. This resource includes options for grades 1st through 5th where you can pick and choose whichever clue cards best suit your students! Here is a closer look at what types of challenges are included in this Crack the Code! Because it is the beginning of the year and students are still learning classroom expectations I would HIGHLY suggest doing this Crack the Code as a WHOLE CLASS and guiding students through the process.

In this challenge, students will be reading passages (multiple reading levels included), solving math problems that aim to get students to know their teacher (editable so you can create your own) for example "I have a daughter and her age is 6 divided by 2 (hardest) OR you can write I have a daughter and her age is 2 + 2 (easiest), using a letter decoder to decode secret messages in Morse Code, participating in a stem activity of creating fingerprint impressions with pencil rubbings, and sorting words that show what a growth mindset is!

Game versions:

Grades 4 & 5

Grades 2 & 3

Grade 1

The only additional supplies you will need in addition to printing this PDF is plain white paper, a pencil for each group, and small pieces of tape!

For grades 1st-2nd you can do this whole class as a Crack the Code or you could use each clue card as a CENTER. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need a modification. Thanks!

Included are...

Directions with lots of details included

Clue Cards (various options to choose from, grades 1-5 included)

Printer Friendly Version (Each clue card is a full sheet of paper so minimal cutting!)

Tips and Tricks on how to make this an engaging and exciting activity

Student Recording Sheet for students to show their work and submit at the end

Teaching Answer Sheet

Printable Award upon completion of activity (Badge)

Introduction Slide

Clue Card signs if you'd like to keep all supplies for each clue card in one place

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