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Practice letter sounds and letter recognition with theses no prep step-by-step Alphabet Animal Directed Drawings! These guided drawings help build confidence as students learn how to draw and write. Use these alphabet animal activities as a whole class directed drawing lesson, independent center or early finisher activity!

Each uppercase and lowercase letter has three differentiated options to best fit the needs of your students! An outline of the letter is already included on each page. Students will build off of this outline by following the six simple steps to draw:

Each animal and practice forming the letter,

Draw each animal and write about the animal, or

Simply draw each animal.

Two pictures beginning with each letter sound are included, as well as both short and long vowel sounds.

Benefits of these alphabet animal directed drawings:

No Prep - Just print and go!

Integrated - Incorporates phonics, handwriting, writing, and art too!

Skill-Based - Practice fine motor, listening and following directions, and phonics skills!

Differentiated - Three options for each letter are included to fit the needs of your students!

Engaging - Maintain student interest as they create a variety of animals!

Scaffolded - Provide just the right amount of support for your little learners as they are learning how to draw and write!

Please see the preview for a look at each directed drawing for Aa - Zz!

A - alligator

a - angelfish

B - bear

b - bumblebee

C - cat

c - crab

D - dog

d - duck

E - elephant, eagle

e - emperor penguin

F - frog

f - flamingo

G - goose

g - goat

H - hippo

h - horse

I - iguana, ibis

i - inchworm

J - jellyfish

j - jaguar

K - kangaroo

k - koala

L - lion

l - llama

M - mouse

m - monkey

N - newt

n - narwhal

O - octopus, orangutan

o - owl

P - penguin

p - pig

Q - quail

q - quokka

R - rabbit

r - rhino

S - snake

s - swan

T - tiger

t - turkey

U - unicorn

u - umbrella bird

V - vampire bat

v - vulture

W - walrus

w - wolf

X - xray fish

x - fox

Y - yak

y - yellow tang

Z - zebra

z - zebu

I hope your students love learning the letters of the alphabet with these highly engaging alphabet animal directed drawings! 

Keeping our little learners SHARP together!

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