All Are Welcome Book Companion and Activities

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All Are Welcome Book Companion

**Kick off the school year with inclusivity and joy with our comprehensive All Are Welcome Book Companion! This 59-page resource is designed to accompany the beloved picture book "All Are Welcome," which celebrates diversity and unity in a way that resonates with young children. Through simple and heartfelt storytelling, this book shows how every student belongs and is valued in their school community.

Why Use This Companion?

The All Are Welcome book is perfect for introducing topics of diversity, acceptance, and community to your classroom. Our companion resource expands on these themes with engaging activities that make learning fun and meaningful.

What’s Inside:

  1. Find Someone Bingo: A fun, interactive game to help students learn about each other.
  2. Word Search: Reinforce vocabulary with a themed word search puzzle.
  3. Word Work: Enhance language skills with targeted word activities.
  4. Story Map: Explore the story’s characters and setting with a detailed map.
  5. Reading Comprehension: Deepen understanding with comprehension questions and activities.
  6. First Day Writing Activity: A perfect way to capture students’ thoughts and feelings on their first day.
  7. Character Trait Activity: Discover and discuss the traits of the book’s diverse characters.
  8. Week-Long Teacher Lesson Plans: Organized plans to guide your teaching throughout the week.
  9. Story Word Search: Find and highlight key vocabulary from the story.
  10. Compare and Contrast Activities: Encourage critical thinking by comparing story elements.
  11. Sequence Story Craft: Create a craft that sequences the story with options for blank or lined writing pages.
  12. Story Map (Characters and Setting): Visualize the story with characters and settings maps.
  13. Graphic Organizer: Help students organize their thoughts and understanding of the story.
  14. Differentiated Book Review: Tailored book reviews to suit varying student levels.
  15. Differentiated Favorite Parts of the Story: Let students express their favorite parts with options for different skill levels.
  16. Writing Prompt Pages: Perfect for creating eye-catching bulletin boards.
  17. Story Predictions: Encourage imagination with story prediction activities.
  18. Story Character Traits: Discuss and write about the traits of different characters.
  19. Main Idea and Story Details: Break down the main idea and key details of the story.
  20. Bulletin Board Kit: Decorate your classroom with “All Are Welcome” letters in black and white, color, and character options.
  21. Vocabulary Cards: Expand vocabulary with thematic word cards.
  22. Anchor Chart Printables: Visual aids to support learning and discussions.

Perfect for Back to School: Start your year off on the right foot by welcoming students and families with this inclusive and engaging resource. It’s designed to create a warm and welcoming classroom atmosphere where every student feels valued and included.

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