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Learn all about spiders with these 25 interactive spider activities and adorable spider craft! You can easily integrate science, math, literacy and social studies into your nonfiction spider research, as your students learn about the life cycle of a spider; mother, father, and young spiders; parts of a spider; diet of a spider; appearance of a spider; location and habitat of a spider; body, eyes, mouth, legs, and spinnerets of a spider; as well as prey and predators of a spider. They will also graph and analyze the results by giving their opinion of a spider!

A nonfiction text is also included, so that you do not need to search for any books about spiders! Use the nonfiction text as slides by projecting them onto your board, or print the pages and use it as a book.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! This file also includes EVERYTHING you need to teach your spider unit... spider anchor charts and posters, spider map, life cycle of a spider pocket chart sentences, diet of spider pocket chart sort, and vocabulary cards.

All shape book pages are black and white for easy prep. Complete just one or two pages of your spider craft book each day... and at the end of the week, the students will have a handy spider shaped book containing all sorts of facts about spiders. This is a great way to display and solidify their learning!


  1. Spider Shape Book Craft
  2. Nonfiction Text/Slides about Spiders
  3. Diagram of a Spider (x2)
  4. All About a Spider
  5. Life Cycle of a Spider
  6. A Young Spider
  7. A Mother Spider
  8. A Father Spider
  9. Appearance of a Spider
  10. Body of a Spider
  11. Mouth of a Spider
  12. Eyes of a Spider
  13. Legs of a Spider
  14. Spinnerets of a Spider
  15. Diet of a Spider
  16. Prey of a Spider
  17. Predators of a Spider
  18. Habitat of a Spider
  19. Location of a Spider
  20. Facts about a Spider
  21. Can/Have/Are Printable for Students
  22. Can/Have/Are Anchor Chart Headers
  23. KWL Anchor Chart Headers
  24. Diagram of a Spider Poster
  25. Life Cycle of a Spider Poster
  26. Life Cycle of a Spider Anchor Chart x2
  27. Location of a Spider World Map
  28. Diet of a Spider Pocket Chart Sort
  29. Life Cycle of a Spider Pocket Chart Sentences
  30. Life Cycle of a Spider Emergent Reader
  31. Life Cycle of a Spider Sequencing Printable
  32. Opinion of a Spider Class Graph
  33. Vocabulary Cards with Definitions

I hope your kindergarten, first, or second grade students love learning all about spiders with these highly engaging spider activities and spider craft!

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