A Book Is A Dream Printable Door Decor

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Having taught ELA for years, this door really touches my heart. I always encouraged my students to look at writing as a way of taking a great adventure without ever going anywhere! When they enter your classroom, they will be reminded of that and hopefully be more eager to open a book and step into their next great adventure!
⭐️ With this download, YOU WILL receive:
  • The letters needed to create this beautiful display! I USED COLORED CARD STOCK FOR THE WORD "DREAM," AS WELL AS THE STARS - NEITHER THE LETTERS NOR THE ACCENTS ARE NOT PRE-COLORED FOR YOU. They will be in a black-line format. This was done in order to save on your ink supply, and card stock provides a more vibrant tone that will bring your door/display to life!
  • The stars
  • Step-by-step instructions to guide you in the process of creating your door
  • A video created by a sweet follower to help guide you on using this file with a Cricut
  • Detailed directions for importing images into Cricut Design Space
  • JPEG images to import into Cricut Design Space
  • A detailed list of supplies that I use to create the perfect door!

⭐️ YOU WILL NOT be receiving:
  • The physical display - You must create it.
  • A file to send to a printing company, so that you can print it out in the form of a banner. - You must create it using the elements that I provide.
  • The black background. I used bulletin board paper.

Frequently Asked Questions:
I love these decor sets, but my school will not permit us to cover our doors. Can I use them in any other way?
✶Absolutely! If your school does not allow you to cover your doors, please know that you can always use these sets as bulletin boards and hallway displays!
Can I use your decor sets, even if I have a window on my door?
✶100% YES! You can STILL use these sets if you have a window on your door. If you look at my IG page, you will find images of teachers that simply work around the windows on their doors. They still look incredible! My IG handle is @joeyudovich.
I do not have a Cricut. Can I still use this file?
✶Definitely! Prior to getting a Cricut, I used scissors. Yes, it will take longer, but it will look just as nice. If you have to use scissors, but don't look forward to cutting, call on some friends! Give them each a couple of pages to cut, and you will be done in no time!
Do you have directions to use this file on a Silhouette or Cameo?
✶As of right now, I do not. I KNOW that you CAN use these cutting machines because teachers have told me they have. I simply do not own them, so I am not sure how to get them to work with my door files.
How long does it take to assemble one of your door decor sets?
✶That truly will vary depending on how much detail went into the door and also whether or not you are using a Cricut to help you cut. You will spend a little bit of time creating it. There is no way to avoid that fact, so know this prior to purchasing. I can tell you that teachers always say that it was worth it simply because they love the end product.


Copyright © Joey Udovich (Create Teach Share LLC) Permission to copy for single classroom use only. Please purchase additional licenses if you intend to share this product.

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