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Are you looking for a quick and easy way to assess 4th-grade math standards within your classroom? This print-and-go resource is the perfect match! It is the perfect way to evaluate student understanding and provide a better idea of their academic needs to guide your instruction.
⭐️ This resource includes TWO worksheets per standard, which would be great for pre- and post-assessments. Every 4th-grade standard is included!
  • Included: A CLICKABLE Table of Contents to easily access the desired pages
  1. Operations & Algebraic Thinking - 4.OA
  2. Number and Operations in Base Ten - 4.NBT
  3. Number and Operations- Fractions - 4.NF
  4. Measurement and Data - 4.MD
  5. Geometry - 4.G
Each worksheet includes...
  • an "I can" statement for each standard being assessed
  • a space for students to reflect on their general knowledge of that standard
  • 2-8 problems, which allows for QUICK feedback!
This resource will be the perfect companion throughout the entire school year. It will help support your understanding of student knowledge as you work through your lessons. This will help guide your instruction and make sure that each child is meeting proficiency.

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