3rd Grade Syllables Phonics Focused Review Reading Passages | 6 Syllable Types Worksheets

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These phonics activities for older students include 30 Syllable Types Phonics Focused Review Reading Passages, word sorting activities, and comprehension questions. These 3rd Grade phonics based reading passages and phonics activities are great to use to review the 6 syllable types, while readers practice decoding specific syllable words. Each phonics based reading passage includes specific focus words with different syllable types, as well as a follow up page with word work and comprehension questions. Aligned to the Science of Reading, students will focus on decoding words for the six syllable types.

Why do you need this resource?

  • To review the 6 syllable types.
  • To help students practice decoding words, in context.
  • To help students identify words of each syllable type.
  • To help students read passages of each syllable type.
  • To help students respond to comprehension questions.
  • To build readers' confidence.

What's included?

There are 30 decodable phonics based reading passages, with 5 passages for each of the 6 syllable types.

  • One full page of each passage, with phonics focused word work and 4 comprehension questions.
  • Lists of specific syllable type focus words for the word work portion of each passage.
  • Answer key for comprehension questions
  • Syllable Types reference guide (full page and smaller version)

Syllable Types included:

  • closed syllables
  • open syllables
  • magic e (VCe) syllables
  • vowel team syllables
  • r-controlled vowel syllables
  • consonant + le syllables

How to use this resource:

  1. Students will read the passage, using their decoding skills.
  2. Students will circle words that fit the specific syllable type, listed as the focus.
  3. Students will write down multiple words that fit each syllable type. They will then label or underline the matching syllables.
  4. Students will respond to the comprehension questions.

Who are these passages written for?

  • These passages are intended to be a review of syllable types. Students using these passages should have been previously introduced to all six syllable types.
  • These work well for: 3rd grade
  • These reading passages also work well for 4th-5th graders who continue to work on practicing decoding words of all syllable types.
  • These can be used throughout the year to continue reviewing syllable types.
  • These can also be used in summer school, for review.

Who is this set of reading passages for?

  • Classroom teachers
  • Special education teachers with student decoding goals
  • Reading specialists/interventionists/reading teachers
  • Classroom aides/assistants
  • Parent helpers
  • ESL teachers
  • Tutors
  • For homework/extra practice

These syllable type phonics based decodable reading passages work great in small groups, whole group, one-on-one or sent home for extra help. If you have students who need to review decoding words with various syllable types, this is a great way to practice.

The goal of this resource is to assist readers in practicing their decoding abilities and build their confidence in reading words with specific syllable types.

I hope you and your students love these syllable type phonics based reading passages and activities!

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