3rd and 4th Grade Phonics Focused Review Passages | Printable Teacher Resources | Literacy with Aylin Claahsen

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These phonics activities for older students include 15 phonics focused REVIEW reading passages, word sorting activities, and comprehension questions. With a variety of phonics patterns covered, these are most appropriate for end of the year for 3rd graders and beginning of the year for 4th graders. These phonics based reading passages and phonics activities are great to use as a review of phonics concepts, while readers practice decoding words. Each phonics based reading passage includes specific focus words with different phonics patterns, as well as a follow up page with word work and comprehension questions. Aligned to the Science of Reading, students will focus on decoding words for the various phonics patterns.

Why do you need this resource?

  • To review phonics pattens.
  • To help students practice decoding words, in context.
  • To help students identify words with specific phonics patterns.
  • To help students read passages with specific phonics patterns.
  • To help students respond to comprehension questions.
  • To build readers' confidence.

What's included?

There are 15 decodable phonics based reading passages, which include a random combination of phonics concepts.

  • One full page of each passage, with phonics focused word work and 4 comprehension questions.
  • Lists of specific phonics focused words for the word work portion of each passage.
  • Answer key for comprehension questions

Phonics concepts included:

  • short vowels
  • digraphs
  • blends (beginning and ending blends)
  • silent e
  • r controlled vowels
  • double consonants
  • vowel teams
  • diphthongs
  • compound words
  • soft c/g
  • silent letters
  • common prefixes (un, re, dis, in)
  • suffixes (added endings, comparative endings, s, es, ing, ed, er, erst, ly, ion, tion, al/ail, less, ful, y)
  • Latin suffixes (er/or, able/ible)
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