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Celebrate your students and their names with these 35+ name activities, name crafts and editable name tracing worksheets!

These interactive name activities, name puzzles, name poems, name graphs and name games are perfect for back to school name practice! Pair these name activities with any of your favorite name books, including Chrysanthemum, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and The Wheels on the Bus!

35+ Name Activities Included:

  • 5 name crafts
  • 4 name poems
  • 5 name tracing activities
  • editable name puzzles with student pictures
  • editable name cards with student pictures
  • 3 name graphs
  • 4 sorting mats
  • first day / last day self portrait printable
  • 10+ printable name activities

Type your class list, and presto... the editable name activities will autofill with each of your student's names!

Here’s a more detailed look at what’s included in this pack:

Editable Name Puzzles - Practice sequencing the letters in your students’ names with these personalized picture puzzles. Use the included video tutorial to easily edit the file with your student’s picture and name! Includes puzzles for name with 2-15 letters.

Editable Picture Name Cards - Add these picture name cards to your word wall, or any other area in your classroom! Use the included video tutorial to easily edit the file with your student’s name and picture! The students will personalize their picture name card by coloring the letters in their name.

Editable Name Cards - Have your students color/decorate their name on these editable name cards. Perfect for a word wall, or any other area in your classroom!

Editable Spin & Write - Edit this file with your students’ names, so that they can practice tracing their name with a pencil, crayon or marker. Perfect as a beginning of the year center activity!

Editable Name Tracing Sheets - Five name tracing printable activities are included. Simply edit with your students’ names.

First Day / Last Day Self Portrait - Use this side-by-side self portrait printable to easily compare the growth from the beginning of the year to the end!

Chrysanthemum Craft - This name craft includes six differentiated response sheets that can be added to the body of the craft.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Craft - The students will practice sequencing the letters in their name with this adorable coconut tree craft. A small version of the craft with a printable response page, as well as a large version of just the craft, are included. Both versions will print on standard 8.5 x11 inch paper.

Alphabet Name Soup Game and Craft - The students will learn an “Alphabet Name Soup” poem, and chant the poem as they play a fun game to see who can collect all of the letters in their name first! Afterwards, they will use their letters to create the “Alphabet Name Soup” craft.

The Name on the Bus Craft - The students will learn an interactive poem, as they practice identifying the beginning letter or number of letters in their name. Afterwards, they will create a “name bus” craft in which they place one letter of their name in each window on the bus.

Here’s the Scoop Craft - The students will learn all about the first letter, the last letter, the number of letters, the number of consonants, the number of vowels, and the number of syllables in their name... all while creating an ice cream cone craft!

Magic Envelope Game - Secretly slide a name into the envelope. Chant the included rhyme, as you slowly reveal the first letter. Choose students to try to guess whose name it could be!

Name Train Activity - Use these "name trains" for a variety of activities, including sequencing the letters in their name and comparing the length of their name. Plus, they can easily break the name train apart to count the number of letters, consonants, vowels and syllables!

Name Poems - Poetry is a great way to sneak in a little extra name practice! The students will learn four interactive poems all about their name. These poems, sung to the tune of a familiar song, focus on name identification, beginning sound, number of letters and spelling.

Sorting Mats - There are four different sorting mats that the students will use to sort the letters in their name.

Namely Number Sense - Practice number sense in context by using the number of letters in your students' names! They will count the number of letters in their name and show the number on the ten frame(s), with tallies, on the dice, etc.

Namely Comparison - Compare and sort the letters in your students’ names using these Venn diagrams.

Friendly Comparison - There are several different options for comparing the length of students’ names.

Name Graphs - Three different name graphs are included. Create the graphs on an anchor chart or inside a pocket chart!

*** You will need Adobe Reader and Microsoft PowerPoint to edit these files. Font choices are not editable. ***

I hope your students love these interactive name activities!

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