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November NO PREP Packet for 2nd Grade is FILLED with hands-on, engaging and FUN resources that cover core skills for 2nd Grade! The activities in this packet can be use for group work centerssmall groupshomework and more! The BEST part is that there is NO PREP! NO costly colored ink, NO laminating, NO cutting …. just PRINT!
*Please note that this is a downloaded pdf file. No physical product will be sent to you.

⭐️ This packet is targeted for 2nd grade, but can be used for high flying first graders and struggling 3rd graders.

This packet includes the following resources:

  • Money: Coins- Look at the price for each item and find two different ways to pay by showing the coins you can use.
  • Double Digit Addition with Regrouping- Solve the problems and color the baby turkey that matches your answer.
  • Double Digit Addition with Regrouping - Solve the problems and color the part of the turkey dinner that matches your answer.
  • Double Digit Subtraction with Regrouping- Solve the problems and color the path from the turkey to the poult.
  • 2-Digit Addition with Regrouping- Solve the problems and color the sums with an odd number to help the baby turkeys get home.
  • 2-Digit Addition with Regrouping - Help the baby turkeys find their mommies. Add and connect the pairs that have the same answers.
  • Mental Math - Adding Doubles (50 problems)
  • Measurement: Centimeters
  • Elapsed Time by 5 Minute Increments-Write the time for the 1st clock and then show the elapsed time for the 2nd clock.
  • Place Value to 1,000- Write the value of the number in the thousands place. Order the four dice to make the largest number.
  • Place Value Equivalences- Find the turkeys that have the same value.
  • Word Problems- Addition and Subtraction word problems.
  • Inches or Feet? Look at each item and decide if you would use inches or feet to measure.
  • Singular and Plural Possessive- Read each phrase and then write the correct plural or singular possessive phrase.
  • BOGGLE - Use the letters to make new words (2 sets of Boggle Boards)
  • What is Your Prefix Worth? Read the sentence with the prefix and decide how much the prefix is worth by adding up the scrabble tiles. Write the definition of the word.
  • Dictionary Skills: Guide Words- Look up the given word in the dictionary, write the page number and the two guide words.
  • Homophones- Read the sentences and choose the correct homophone.
  • ABC Order- Put the 4 sets of words in ABC order to the 2nd and 3rd letter.
  • Subject and Predicate- Use the color code to color the subject and predicate.
  • Subject and Predicate II- Finish the subject or predicate for each sentence.
  • My Word Search Puzzle- BLANK word search puzzle template for students to use with their spelling words, thanksgiving words or any other word list.
  • My Digraph Word Search- Create a digraph word search using the given digraphs. Have a friend find the words.
  • My Blend Word Search- Create a blend word search using the given blends. Have a friend find the words.
  • Comparative and Superlative Adjectives - Complete the chart using comparative and superlative adjectives.
  • Syllable Sort - Read and sort the words into the correct syllable count. Break apart the given words into syllables.
  • Analogies - Fill in an analogy with the given words.
  • Using Reference Materials: Encyclopedia and Dictionary. Use the set of dictionaries to find the correct answer. Use the given guide words to find the word that would be on the page.
  • Fiction and Nonfiction Text- Decide if the text is fiction or nonfiction. Write four titles of nonfiction text and four fiction text.
  • Roll and Find the Base Word- Roll a die, read a word in the column, write the base word and the page number you find it on in the dictionary.
  • Pronouns- Read the short story and fill in the correct pronoun. Read the sentences and write a pronoun.
  • Writing Titles- Roll a die and write the names of the people correctly.
  • Homonyms- Read the sentences and decide which homonym picture best fits the sentence.
  • Roll and Write the Correct Date - Roll a die and fix one of the dates in the column using the correct abbreviations and commas.
  • Writing a Friendly Letter- Write a friendly letter using the five parts: heading, greeting, body, closing and signature.
  • Adverbs- Cut and paste the adverb to the correct column: how, how often, when or where.
  • Prefixes, Root Words and Suffixes- Read each word and write the root word, prefix or suffix in the correct column.
  • Verbs: Past and Present- Write the words in the correct column.
  • Graphing Grammar- Circle and write each word in the correct column: nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns.
  • Consonant Blends- Read each word and color the beginning or ending consonant blend. Solve the consonant riddles at the bottom of the page.
  • Box up Synonyms- Read each word in the box and find the word that is a synonym in the word bank. Use the sound boxes to box up the word.
  • Box up Antonyms- Read each word in the box and find the word that is a Antonym in the word bank. Use the sound boxes to box up the word.
  • Roll and Write Plural Nouns (Irregular and Regular Plural Nouns)- Roll a die and write the plural form of the nouns in the column.
  • Making New Words With THANKSGIVING. Use the letters to write new words.

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