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This May NO PREP Packet for 2nd Grade is FILLED with hands-on, engaging and FUN resources that cover core skills for 2nd Grade! The activities in this packet can be use for group work centerssmall groupshomework and more! The BEST part is that there is NO PREP! NO costly colored ink, NO laminating, NO cutting …. just PRINT!
*Please note that this is a downloaded pdf file. No physical product will be sent to you.


*This packet is targeted for 2nd grade, but can be used for high flying first graders and struggling 3rd graders.


This packet includes the following resources:

*Grammar: Parts of Speech- Cut and paste the verbs, adverbs, adjectives and prepositions to the correct spots.

*Synonyms- Read each sentence and replace the word with the correct synonym.

*Synonyms and Antonyms- Read the words on the lily pads and color by the color code.

*Your or You're- Read the sentences and decide if you should use your or you're.

*Adding Descriptive Details- Add descriptive details to make the sentence more interesting.

*Crossword Puzzle (3rd Grade sight words) Use the words in the word bank to complete the crossword puzzle. Box up the words in ABC order.

*Main Idea and Details I- Read the main idea about the life cycle of a butterfly. Use the pictures to help write details that support the main idea.

*Main Idea II- Read the main idea (There are many ways I can make my mom feel special on Mother's Day). Draw pictures and write details to support the main idea.

*I Can Write My Opinion- Use the graphic organizer to write your opinion about a topic.

*Genres- Cut and paste the correct genre to each description.

*Making new words with CATERPILLAR- Cut out the letter tiles to make as many new words as you can.

*Guide Words I- Write the words from the word bank under the correct set of guide words.

*Guide Words II- Read the guide words on the book. Circle the word you would find on that page.

*Alliteration- Use the word bank to help you complete each alliteration.

*Homophones- Draw a picture to match the word. Use the words in a sentence.

*Elements of a Fairy Tale- Use the story map to fill in the elements of a familiar fairy tale or use it to plan your own fairy tale.

*Elements of a Fable- Use the story map to fill in the elements of a fable. You can also use this sheet to plan your own fable.

*Nonfiction Text Features- Cut and paste the correct text features to the definitions (caption, diagram, photograph, glossary, table of contents, heading, map and label).

*Reading Comprehension- Read the short story, answer the questions and fill in the venn diagram.

*Skip Counting Forward and Backward up to 1,000.

*Mental Math up to 1,000- Add each set of numbers working with sets of 10.

*Mental Math (Change for $1.00) Subtract each set to make change for $1.00.

*Multi-step Word Problems with Money- Solve the word problems.

*Data Analysis- Use the information to answer the questions.

*Word Problems with Yards- Read and solve the word problems.

*Regroup and Add 3 Digit Numbers- Solve the problems. Use the color code to color the frogs according to the sums.

*Triple Digit Subtraction with Regrouping- Solve the problems. Use the color code to color the butterflies according to the differences.

*Column Addition with Regrouping- Solve the problems. Color a frog that matches the sum.

*Telling Time in Different Ways- Read the time on the clock. Show the time in 3 different ways: Time:__:__, minutes after and minutes to.

*Telling Time in 5 Minute Increments- Write the times under each clock. Read the word problems in the center and color the clock that matches the answer.

*Dividing into Groups- Divide the objects into equal groups. Answer the questions for each set.

*Symmetry- Use the grid lines to help you mirror the image of the frog.

*Money: Counting Coins- Find the total amount for each group of coins. Write the amount in cents.

*Partitioning a Rectangle- Partition the rectangle as described. Count to find the number of boxes.

*Fractions- Circle the words that describe the shaded part of each shape. Shade each shape according to the description.

*Line Graphs- Use the data on the line graph to answer the questions.

*Line Plots and Measuring in inches- Measure each line in inches. Record the answers on the line plot.

*Dollars and Cents- Read each description of the amount of coins. Cut and paste the correct answer to each set.

*Arrays: Creating Equations- Write each array as an addition and multiplication problem and solve.

*Measurement: Centimeters- Find the length of each line.

*Map Skills: Directions- Use the word bank to fill in the compass rose. Write the correct direction from the center of the park to the different locations.

*Collecting Data- Use the data to record how many flies each frog ate. Answer the questions. Write 2 more questions using the given data.

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