20 Early Finishers Activities, File Folder Games & Morning Work for May

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Engage your early finishers with these 20 file folder games, including 10 literacy and 10 math early finisher activities for May! These file folder games will provide meaningful practice and enrichment of a variety of skills for your fast finishers! Each fast finisher file folder is easy to prep and requires no extra manipulatives!

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Your students can independently complete each early finisher activity, and then easily trade the file folder game for a new one!

Perfect for early finishers, morning work, center rotations or small group practice!

Keep your students on task and those brains busy, as you reinforce previously taught skills, with these file folder games!

Included Games and Skills:

  1. Blooming L Blends (decoding CCVC words with beginning l blends)
  2. Buggy Word Builders (CVC words)
  3. Collecting Blends (beginning r blends br, cr, dr, fr, gr, tr)
  4. CVC Bees (decoding CVC words)
  5. Duck Pond Syllables (counting syllables 1-4)
  6. Flower Match (matching upper and lowercase letters)
  7. Reading Wheelbarrows (person, place, thing, animal)
  8. Rhyming Butterflies (rhyming words)
  9. What Could It Bee (identifying nouns and verbs)
  10. Word Building Birdhouses (CVCE words)
  11. 3D Shape Sort (3D shapes)
  12. Catching Fish (subtraction within 10)
  13. Farm Animal Graphing (graphing and analyzing data)
  14. Flower Equations (addition to 8)
  15. Hundred Chart Changes (missing numbers up to 100)
  16. Kite String Size (nonstandard measurement)
  17. Number Bond Chicks (number bonds)
  18. Ladybug Counting (1:1 counting)
  19. Life Cycle Skip Counting (counting by 10s)
  20. Teen Farm (ten and some more with base ten blocks, ten frames and tally marks)

Enjoy and happy teaching!

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