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Engage your fast finishers with these 20 early finishers activities for February! This set includes 20 file folder games including 10 literacy and 10 math early finisher activities! These file folder games will provide meaningful practice and enrichment of a variety of skills!

These early finishers activities for February are easy to prep and require no extra manipulatives! Perfect for early finishers, morning work, center rotations or small group practice!

Keep your students on task and those brains busy, as you reinforce previously taught skills, with these file folder games!

Early Finishers Activities for February:

  1. Alphabet Order (abc order)
  2. CVC Shadows (CVC words, phoneme segmentation)
  3. Groundhog Rhymes (rhyming)
  4. I Brush My Teeth (sentence building, sight words)
  5. Love Letters (middle sounds)
  6. Brushing Up on CVC Words (CVC words, phoneme segmentation)
  7. Presidential Digraphs (ending digraphs ch & sh)
  8. Spaceship Syllables (syllables 1-4)
  9. Spinning Sounds (short o word families)
  10. Valentine Voices (decodable sentences)
  11. Counting Chocolates (1:1 counting)
  12. Forgetting Flowers (subtracting)
  13. Groundhog Teens (subitizing with ten frames)
  14. Locked on Love (extending patterns)
  15. Presidential Order (number order 1-20 or skip counting by 10s)
  16. Spinning 3D Shapes (3D shapes)
  17. Tasty Tens (making 10)
  18. Toothbrush Tally (tally marks 1-10)
  19. Valentine Animal Graphing (graphing and analyzing data)
  20. Valentine Values (adding)

Your students will love practicing basic math and literacy concepts with these early finishers activities for February.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Samantha R. says, "I loved using this resource for kids who finished their work early. It was easy to prep and students enjoyed grabbing a folder and completing the activity!!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ HM. says, "If you need independent work, fast finisher work, enrichment activities, seasonal add-ins to your curriculum, partner work, end of day activities, skill practice, etc....check out this resource! I am using for many of the above reasons :) Great resource for Special Education too!!"

I hope your early finishers love these file folder activities!

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