100 Days of School: Student Activity Pack LOW PREP

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Hip Hip Hooray, It's the 100th Day of School: Student Activity Pack LOW PREP

It's time to celebrate all the days your students have lived through and should now be coasting their way through the next part of the year.

This 100th Day of School student activity pack is perfect for students to complete when they've run out of things to do and you want low-prep resources to give them.

Decide NOW not to feel overwhelmed planning for the 100th Day of School

* Implement the accomplishments made in the first 100 days of school

* Prep and plan your 100-day lesson plans ahead of time!

* This resource is perfect for children 1st-5th grade

* THIS IS A MUST-HAVE low prep RESOURCE for educators and parents!

* A low-prep printable resource in black and white!

Who should purchase this resource?

  • Teachers looking for LOW PREP resources that can be used in the classroom or personally.

  • Teachers looking for celebration school resources that are ready to use!

  • Teachers who are ready to prep their planning in the class!

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