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Our Statement Pieces aren't just Classroom Cutouts; they're transformative elements that redefine the aesthetics of large wall spaces. Perfectly curated for visual impact, these larger-than-life Classroom Cutouts command attention and add a touch of grandeur to your surroundings. From thematic designs to bold shapes, our collection offers an array of options to turn your expansive walls into captivating showcases. Discover the perfect solution for decorating those vast, empty spaces with our Statement Pieces. These large Classroom Cutouts serve as dynamic accents, filling your walls with creativity and transforming them into visually stimulating areas that inspire both educators and students alike.

Pops of Rainbow Rays is where bold rainbow meets retro vibes. It's like sitting under the most vibrant rainbows and making friendship bracelets with your BFF. The rainbow palette and hopscotch pattern are a fearless duo, and stand courageously together making this collection a powerful statement. It effortlessly gives the feeling of fun and happy, bold and courageous, all day every day! Classic rainbow is always a win in the Schoolgirl Style book, but pairing it with the unique retro and nostalgic designs, elevates this collection to one-of-a-kind!

At Schoolgirl Style, we understand that when it comes to classroom decor, every detail matters. Shop in STYLE with our diverse selection of Classroom Decor, Bulletin Board Borders, Classroom Rugs, Bulletin Board Paper, and Printable Classroom Decor, personally curated by Melanie Ralbusky, Founder and Creative Director. Whether you're in search of Teacher Resources, Seasonal inspiration, or delightful Teacher lifestyle additions, Schoolgirl Style stands as your one stop Teacher Shop.

This product will come on a 26"x39" piece of paper. It will come folded and have slight creasing

The goodness includes 8 pieces:

  • 1 enormous smilie (approx 25" wide)
  • 2 mini smilies
  • 5 friendship beads

Available in:

UCUT ~ preprinted product mailed to your door that will require you to cut-out, then decorate your heart out!

Collection for Personal Use Only.  Please do not share, distribute or copyright the files.

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