Raining Hearts Book Buddy Valentine's Day | Printable Classroom Resource | Glitter and Glue and Pre-K Too

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Raining Hearts Book Buddy includes fun, hands-on activities for your preschool, pre-k, early childhood, special education, or kindergarten classroom! Use these activities to teach letter identification, matching letters, counting, and writing numbers.  Perfect for use in small groups, centers, independent work, or for fast finishers.

Three Activities Included:

Raining Hearts Count & Trace
What's Included:

-Quantity Cards 1-20

-Tracing Sheets in 1-10 or 1-20

*Color and black/white included

To Play:

Choose from working on numbers 1-10 or 1-20. There are two ways you can use this counting activity in your classroom. Hang cards around the room, give kids clipboards, and use as a write the room. Another option is to place cards in a sensory bin (or even just a pile). Students choose a card, count the hearts, and trace that number.

ABC Match-Up
What's Included:

-Clouds with Uppercase Letters

-Clouds with Lowercase Letters

-Hearts with Uppercase Letters

-Hearts with Lowercase Letters

-3 Optional Recording Sheets
*Color and black/white included

To Play

Choose what you would like your students to work on: matching uppercase to uppercase, uppercase to lowercase, or lowercase to lowercase. For extra fine motor practice punch holes and use links to connect the heart to the cloud. Have students match the letters and color in the corresponding letter(s) on the recording sheet.

Math Craft
What's Included:

-1 cloud

-3 white strips



Students will cut out cloud, white strips, and hearts. Glue the strips onto the back of the cloud. Glue hearts on the strips. Students count the hearts and write the number in the sentence on the cloud.

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