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Don't let the summer slide put your kindergarten students behind! This Kindergarten Summer Packet for Review "no-prep" printable packet will keep our students practicing essential skills the entire summer and prepare them for First Grade. Over 110 pages of fun, engaging practice, ideas, and games.
There is also a companion packet for First Graders (going into 2nd Grade).
How to use this packet:
This packet can be used in a variety of ways. As the school year winds down, it is definitely a packet where pieces can be pulled to help with the review of certain concepts and skills as needed. Just print and go—No Fuss, No Muss. It would also be great for a summer school class.
For my own students, I have also made this packet so that it can be sent home as a summer review and practice packet for graduating kindergarteners going into first grade. There is a cover page (one of a boy and one of a girl - let your student choose) that can be added to the front of the packet and then you can choose which pages you would like to send home or send them all. At the end of the packet, I have included two different sets of sight word flash cards. One set has all 220 Dolch words divided up by the 1 1 different levels. The other set is divided by Pre-Primer and Primer Dolch words. Choose which set applies to your classroom and send that set home with your student. I have also included some sight word activities, ideas, and games so that parents know how to use these tools. Included in these are a couple of bingo and writing sheets that you may wish to make several copies of to include in each student’s summer packet. Finally, I have included two different reading logs from which you can choose. One log simply has students coloring in one item for each time they read for 15 minutes. The other has them record the books they read.
Once you have all your pages selected, bind them with a bulldog binder clip (I like to make mine kind of cute by adding a bit of washi tape to it.) and send it home with your student. Along with the attached parent letter or a letter of your own. As an added incentive, I always tell my kinders that if they bring back the completed pack to me in the fall, that I will reward them with a special treat, but that is up to you.
Here are some of the items included in his packet:
  • First Grade Here I Come packet cover of a Boy
  • First Grade Here I Come packet cover of a Girl
  • Parent Letter
  • Number Order through 20
  • Number Order through 50
  • Number Order through 100
  • Count by 1s to 25
  • Count by 5s to 100
  • 2D/3D Shape Sort
  • Time to the hour
  • Time to the 1/2 hour
  • Ten Frame to 10
  • Ten Frame to 20
  • Making 10
  • Making 20
  • Tens and Ones to 30
  • Tens and Ones greater than 30
  • Color by Tens and Ones to 30
  • Color by Tens and Ones greater than 30
  • Subtraction from 5
  • Subtraction from 10
  • Color by sum to 5
  • Color by sum to 10
  • Number Bonds to 5
  • Number Bonds to 10
  • Addition fun through 5
  • Addition fun through 10
  • Mixed operations through 5
  • Mixed operations through 10
  • Subtraction fun from 5
  • Subtraction fun from 10
  • Addition to 5 Matching
  • Graphing
  • Capital Letter Order
  • Lowercase Letter Order
  • Sorting Capitals and Lowercase Letters
  • Rhyming Sort for Short Vowels
  • Rhyming Sort for Long Vowels
  • Middle Sound Stamp It
  • Digraph Sort
  • Write the Right Digraph
  • CVC What Word
  • Blends What Word
  • CVCe What Word
  • Complete the Summer Sentences
  • Summer Sentences Read and Match
  • Digraph Identification
  • Word Family Sort
  • Syllable Fun
  • Ending Sounds Identification
  • Long/Short Vowel Sound Sort for A
  • Long/Short Vowel Sound Sort for O
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