Comprehension Construction Toolkits for 4th-5th | Printable Classroom Resource | Teach Outside the Box- Brooke Brown

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Comprehension Construction Toolkits (compatible with ANY text or reading series) equip your elementary students with simple, hands-on applications of key comprehension skills. These kits are ideal for small group instruction or guided reading as students build and discuss components of the text as a group.

Multisensory literacy strategies are supported by the Science of Reading!

The routines appeal to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners because students are provided a visual, yet concrete way to “build” each piece of the text as they comprehend and explain it. They can further demonstrate their understanding by writing or drawing on the provided graphic organizers for each skill. The graphic organizers can either be copied or placed inside reusable page protectors for students to write and wipe responses.

Includes the following 22 comprehension and word word skills for 4th-5th grade:


  • Page 3: How to Use
  • Pages 4-5: Suggested Supplies Checklists
  • Page 6: Box Covers
  • Page 7: Lid inserts (student routines)
  • Pages 8-9: Sequence of Events
  • Pages 10-11: Plot Pyramid
  • Pages 12-13: Story Elements
  • Pages 14-15: Main Idea and Details
  • Pages 16-17: Topic and Subtopics
  • Pages 18-19: Summarizing
  • Pages 20-22: Text Structure (Fiction)
  • Pages 23-24: Text Structure (Nonfiction)
  • Pages 25-26: Theme
  • Pages 27-28: Point of View
  • Pages 29-30: Cause and Effect
  • Pages 31-32: Compare and Contrast
  • Pages 33-34: Text Evidence
  • Pages 35-36: Vocabulary
  • Pages 37-38: Character Traits (internal/external)
  • Pages 39-40: Text Features
  • Pages 41-42: Fun Facts
  • Pages 43-44: Genre
  • Pages 45-46: Problem, Solution, Lesson
  • Pages 47-48: Inferences
  • Pages 49-50: Author’s Purpose
  • Pages 51-52: Prefixes and Suffixes
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