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Do you have a hard time remembering what comes next in your structured literacy or Orton-Gillingham lesson plans? This resource was created as a tool for educators who are following an Orton-Gillingham structured literacy lesson plan. The cards were specifically created to follow the sequence that my OG Fellow from the Orton-Gillingham Academy recommended for our lesson plans. The cards can be used for any structured literacy lesson! I created the poster cards so that I can display them near my small group reading table, as a visual of what I need to teach and implement, and in what order. This visual aide is helpful for both educators and your students! It helps with routine and consistency.

Click here to check out the preview file.

Cut out and arrange the cards in whatever order you are teaching your lesson. Some days, you may not have time for every part of the lesson sequence. Simply remove the parts of the lesson that you won’t be completing that day. Pages 6-10 reflect the order of the lesson plan I will be using from the training I received with the Orton-Gillingham Academy. (Handwriting can also be written into your lesson plan within the auditory drill or dictation section of your lesson. However, I have included a separate card that you can use if you choose to isolate that section.)

I have included additional options for wording for the title of your lesson, spelling portion, sight word portion, and the phonemic awareness portion. Choose and print which cards you wish to use!

*Cards are available in both color and black and white!*

I have added a unique "drag and drop" PowerPoint slide to this resource. You can now customize and create your own smaller bookmarks for your lesson schedules! Simply drag and drop the small cards onto the bookmark template in Powerpoint, and print! Create a customized schedule for Day 1's lesson, Day 2's lesson, or a general schedule that works for you. The smaller sized bookmark is a great addition to your teacher binders, lesson plan book, and more!

What cards are included in this resource?

•Orton-Gillingham Lesson Sequence

•phonemic awareness

•visual drill

•auditory drill

•blending drill

•reading words

•reading phrases/sentences

•spelling words s.o.s. procedure

•dictate phrases/sentences

•sight words

•teach new concept

•connected text


•Structured Literacy Lesson Sequence

•Small Group Lesson Sequence

•Small Group Reading Lesson


•phonological awareness

•spelling words


•word mapping

Quick Tip for Teachers:

Use magnets or Velcro in order to easily swap out and rearrange your lesson cards! You can see a photograph of the cards that are on display in my small group reading classroom within this preview.

Stay on track with your lesson routine! These visual aides are great for teachers and students! I hope you love them!

Miss DeCarbo

Christina DeCarbo-Wagers

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