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A reading intervention binder that is aligned to the science of reading and explicitly teaches and reinforces CVC-e long vowel words, vowel teams, r-controlled vowels, diphthongs, multi-syllabic words, suffixes, other long vowels, fluency, and more!

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When and where should I use this binder?

The No-Prep Reading Intervention Binder is ideal for one-on-one instruction, small group reading, paraprofessionals, Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention groups, practice, and re-teaching! The binder is ink-friendly and can be used over and over again with the use of sheet protectors and dry erase markers. Your time is precious! Intervention should be powerful, purposeful, and easy to prep! Intervention tools will be at your fingertips with your time-saving and effective binder!

What skills does this intervention binder target?

  • Multisyllabic Words
  • Suffixes (s, es, ed, ing)
  • Silent E Long Vowel Words (CVC-e and CCVC-e)
  • Vowel Teams / Vowel Pairs
  • Other Long Vowels (eigh, ight, etc.)
  • R-Controlled Vowels
  • Diphthongs
  • Fluency

What grade level or level is this binder designed for?

-First-grade students

-Struggling second-grade students

-Readers who struggle to decode and read simple passages fluently

-At-risk readers who have not mastered decoding skills yet

-Special Education students who have phonics and fluency IEP goals

-Homeschooling parents who are looking for a resource that directly reinforces and teaches decoding skills, phonics, fluency, and word identification.

How do you use the reading intervention binder?

Each page contains directions - making it simple to give to a parent volunteer, paraprofessional, new reading teacher, or aide to work with your students! You could even print the pages out for your students to practice at home for reinforcement after you work with them. Students work through the pages in each section (you can jump around from section to section as needed) and use a dry erase marker to complete the activities.

Can I use this for assessment purposes?

This intervention pack was not created for the purpose of assessment - but I have a coordinating No Prep ASSESSMENT Binder with editable data recording sheets, assessments, and parent reports that you can find in my shop!

The intervention binder is perfect to use for practice and intervention before, in between or after progress monitoring.

I have students who need short vowels, digraphs, blends, and phonics practice at an easier level. Do you have an intervention binder for beginners?

I sure do! Please take a look at the Beginning Reading Intervention Binder in my shop that focuses on phonemic awareness, letter naming and letter sounds, and short vowels.

"Miss DeCarbo, how do YOU use this binder in your classroom?"

I pull my kids back one at a time (sometimes in twos or threes) and we work on several pages from a specific section together during our RTI time and small group time. The possibilities for using this pack are endless and can be catered to meet your students' needs!

I hope you enjoy this literacy intervention tool as it prepares your students to succeed in their emergent reading skills. I have been using it in my classroom and it has been SO effective and simple to use! My students have truly enjoyed the activities within this page and love getting to work one-on-one with me and in our small intervention groups.

Happy Learning,
Christina DeCarbo

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