Paint Tray Phonics Science of Reading / Small Group Reading and Word Work Strategies | Printable Classroom Resource | Teach Outside the Box- Brooke Brown

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Paint Tray Phonics is an ideal multi-sensory solution to take your literacy instruction to the next level! Aligned with the Science of Reading, this resource includes 9 phonics patterns for students to build, make, and write, with components that are easily differentiated among K-2nd Grade students. The routines appeal to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners because students are provided a visual, yet concrete way to build, read, and write each word.

***All activities align with these paint trays from Amazon.

Paint Tray Phonics is perfect for:

  • Small Group Reading Instruction
  • Literacy Centers
  • Interventions
  • Tutoring

Includes the following:

Page 3: How to Use/Materials Needed

Page 4: Components

Page 5: Organization

Page 6: Routines

Pages 7-8: Paint Tray Labels

Page 9: Baggy Labels

Pages 10-25: Color-coded Grapheme Cards

Pages 26-33: CVC Words

Pages 34-44: “Magic E”/ CVCe Words

Pages 44-52: Initial Blends

Pages 53-61: Final Blends

Pages 62-70: Digraphs

Pages 71-79: R-Controlled (“Bossy R”) Vowels

Pages 80-90: Diphthongs

Pages 91-104: Vowel Teams

Pages 105-118: “Heart” Words

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