100th Day of School Activities for Upper Grades and Older Students 3rd 4th 5th | Printable Teacher Resources | A Love of Teaching

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These 100th day of school activities are perfect for students in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades! The activities included in this resource are fun for upper-grade students, and many of them require higher-order thinking skills to ensure that the academic day is not wasted. Keep your students engaged and learning while also participating in your school's 100th day celebration!


  • 20+ pages of 100th day of school activities
  • List of additional ideas for teachers
  • Curriculum-based activities
  • Plus, fun 100th day projects, games, and more!

Pick and choose the activities you want to use with your students, or have students complete them all by creating a 100th Day of School packet!


  • 100 Day of School: This page is designed for students to take home a few days before the 100th day. Students are asked to bring it back on the 100th day of school.
  • List 100 Words That Describe You
  • 100th Day Time (Calendar Time & Clock Time)
  • 100th Day Measurement (Customary & Metric)
  • 100th Day Money Problems
  • 100th Day History (100 Years Ago)
  • 100th Day Computation using the 4 operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division)
  • 100th Day Place Value (hundreds and hundredths)
  • 100th Day Writing Prompts
  • 100th Day Travel Through Time
  • 100 Years Into the Future
  • Your Name in Decimals (using grids)
  • Before I am 100 Bucket List
  • 100 Appreciations (notes to staff and students)
  • Race to 100 Place Value Game
  • Roll to 100 Estimation Game
  • 100 Feet Class Estimation Activity
  • 100 Grid Group or Center Puzzles
  • Plus, so much more!!!
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