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Earth Day: Sustainability Posters

I created this Earth Day poster set to accompany your Earth Day lesson plans for the celebration of taking care of our Earth.

This Earth Day set of posters is perfect for students to research how to take care of the earth. There are enough prompts for 20 days to implement in the classroom.

Decide NOW not to feel overwhelmed planning for Earth Day.

* Implement a new Earth Day prompt each day for your scholars!

* Set your Earth Day lesson plans

* This resource is perfect for children of ALL ages

* THIS IS A MUST-HAVE Women's History RESOURCE for educators and parents!

* A TOTAL OF 20 Printable pages in color

Who should purchase this resource?

  • Teachers looking for LOW PREP resources that can be used in the classroom or personally.
  • Teachers looking for WINTER school resources that are ready to use!
  • Teachers who are ready to up their planning in the class!
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