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Celebrate Black History Month with this Research Bulletin Board using these Influential Black Leaders Research Templates Teach-Go Pennants®. This packet includes research templates of 50 Influential Individuals who significantly impacted history. These templates are perfect for showcasing these great leaders and displaying their achievements for everyone to see.



  • Print & digital options included, see page 3 & 4 for digital info.
  • Color and BW options available
  • These are research templates- actual research is not included.
  • This is packet contains a rubric for grading research
  • Blank Pennants for you to study any other men/ women not in list.
  • Actual research is not included in this packet; these are only research templates. This product is not editable and in English only, please preview.


*Blank for any extra individuals your student would like to research

1. Arthur Ashe

2. Barack Obama

3. Barbara Jordan

4. Gen. Benjamin O. Davis Jr.

5. Bessie Coleman

6. Billie Holiday

7. Booker T. Washington

8. Gen. Colin Powell

9. Condoleezza Rice

10. Daniel Hale Williams

11. Elijah McCoy

12. Fred Jones

13. Frederick Douglass

14. Garrett Morgan

15. George Washington Carver

16. Guion Bluford

17. Harriet Tubman

18. Hattie McDaniel

19. Jackie Robinson

20. James Weldon Johnson

21. John Lewis

22. Katherine Johnson

23. Langston Hughes

24. Louis Armstrong

25. Malcom X

26. Mary McLeod Bethune

27. Matthew Henson

28. Michael Jordan

29. Michelle Obama

30. Misty Copeland

31. Martin Luther King Jr.

32. Muhammad Ali

33. Ralph Ellison

34. Robert Robinson Taylor

35. Shirley Chisholm

36. Sojourner Truth

37. Thurgood Marshall

38. W.E.B. BuBois

39. Jackie Joyner Kersee

40. Maya Angelou

41. Oprah Winfrey

42. Wangari Maathai

43. Whoopi Goldberg

44. Alice Ball

45. Evelyn Boyd Granville

46. Shirley Ann Jackson

47. Serena Williams

48. Simone Biles

49. Wilma Rudolph

50. Lisa Leslie

51. Ruby Bridges

52. Rosa Parks


53. Kamala Harris


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