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Do Math Centers have you wondering where to start and how to keep them going? It's time to change that with hands-on, engaging Math Centers. Math stations are an essential part of math instruction in kindergarten, allowing students the opportunity to explore, practice and master essential skills in math. These Math Centers from Differentiated Kindergarten are differentiated and build on skills from month to month with familiar activities, games, and printables.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Please note: This product has recently been updated from its original set to include more activities and differentiated options. If you already own, Back To School Math Stations Galore, redownload it now to get all the updates!
Why Math Centers:
►keeps students engaged in essential math skills
►provides hands-on practice in math skills
►allows students to work cooperatively with other students
►provides developmentally appropriate activities that focus on essential standards and skills in math
►provides the opportunity for students to build confidence and feel successful in math
►are differentiated so all students can feel successful
►keeps students challenged by building on skills from month to month
Skills Targeted In This Set:
✅ number recognition
✅ counting forward
✅ sorting and classifying
✅ patterns
✅ number formation
✅ writing numbers
✅ understanding the relationship between numbers and quantities
✅ counting to see how many
✅ comparing quantities
✅ counting on __________________________________________________________________
Here's What You'll Find Inside:
►14 Math Station Activities, Games and/or Printables
►'I Can . . .' cards with picture and activity instructions to build independence for each station _________________________________________________________________ What teachers are saying:
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tiffany said, "This was a fantastic resource. I have recently started setting up math stations in my classroom and this was a game changer for me."
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kristen said, "Prepped all these today for next school year. I love that you can differentiate them! They correlate well with the standards, and are highly engaging and super cute! I am off to buy my second set from you so that I can get those ready too!! Btw, you are my favorite seller on TPT. I love your materials!!! :)"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kim said, "This is a MUST for all Kindergarten teachers. Such a bargain for the price! Thank you Marsha for creating such wonderful activities that all my kids can do and enjoy :)
Station Activities Included In This Set:
1. Write The Room for School Supplies: focusing on counting and number recognition
2. Lost My Lunch: number recognition hide and seek game
3. Ready for Kindergarten: small group number recognition game
4. School Supply Memory: small group number recognition game
5. Welcome Back to School Play-doh Mats: number production, fine motor, counting, and ten frame skills
6. Counting on Crayons: number recognition and counting on activity
7. School Supply Spin to Win Game: number recognition and comparing numbers
8. Count and Color School Supplies: activity: counting mixed objects and recording numbers
9. Sensory Table School Supply Sort: sorting and classifying objects
10. I Spy School Supplies Activity and Printables: number recognition, ten frames, and identifying numbers that come before and after
11. Linking Backpacks: fine motor, number order skills
12: Back to School Patterns Activity and Printable:: self-correcting patterning practice
13. Sizing Up School Supplies activity and Printables: non-standard measurement and estimating
14. What's Your Bus Number Puzzle Pieces and Printable: matching numbers to quantities
►►►If you'd like to see a detailed account of how I implement Math Stations in my own classroom, you can find a detailed blog post HERE<span data-of
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