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Step into a world of complete classroom transformation with Schoolgirl Style's "Classroom Decor Bundles." Our thoughtfully curated bundles are designed to take the guesswork out of decorating, providing educators with cohesive, stylish, and comprehensive sets that turn classrooms into inspiring learning environments. Explore the perfect synergy of aesthetics and functionality as our Classroom Decor Bundles bring harmony to your educational space. From bulletin boards to name tags, these bundles offer a seamless and coordinated look that enhances the overall atmosphere of your classroom. These sets go beyond mere decorations; they are intentional tools that foster a positive, engaging, and visually stimulating learning environment. 

At Schoolgirl Style, we understand that when it comes to classroom decor ideas for preschool, elementary, middle school or high school, every detail matters. Shop in STYLE with our diverse selection of Classroom Decorations, Bulletin Board Borders, Classroom Rugs, Bulletin Board Paper, and Printable Classroom Decor, personally curated by Melanie Ralbusky, Founder and Creative Director. Whether you're in search of Teacher Resources, Seasonal inspiration, or delightful Teacher lifestyle additions, Schoolgirl Style stands as your one stop Teacher Shop.

Welcome to UPRINT, the printable classroom decor category at Schoolgirl Style. Our UPRINT collection is a treasure trove of creativity, offering educators the power to customize and personalize their learning spaces with ease. Elevate your classroom aesthetics with the convenience of printable decor that brings style, organization, and a touch of magic to every corner of your educational haven.

File Type: PDF and PPT

Page Count: 500+

The goodness included in the UPRINT bundle: 

  1. thirty (30) UPRINT borders
  2. affirmation station
  3. classroom slides | google and PPT
  4. sound wall bulletin board set
  5. classroom jobs bulletin board set
  6. birthday bulletin board set
  7. skip counting poster set
  8. days in school poster set
  9. levels of understanding poster set
  10. visual timetable set
  11. voice level set
  12. number cards bulletin board set
  13. shape cards bulletin board set
  14. word wall bulletin board set
  15. "friendship beads" bulletin board set
  16. friendship beads "welcome" bulletin board set
  17. number line
  18. checkered star and heart cut-outs
  19. mushroom cut-outs
  20. tassel cut-outs
  21. daisy cut-outs
  22. friendship beads cut-outs
  23. yarn pom and tassel cut-outs
  24. lightning bolt cut-outs
  25. puff smiley face cut-outs
  26. puff star cut-outs
  27. charm cut-outs
  28. cloud cut-outs
  29. patch cut-outs
  30. pom cut-outs
  31. rainbow cut-outs
  32. sunshine cut-outs
  33. sunglass cut-outs
  34. Boba tea cut-outs
  35. mini poster set
  36. editable mini poster set
  37. decorative banners
  38. good morning greeting set
  39. student work display
  40. nameplates
  41. labels
  42. name tags
  43. alphabet posters 
  44. alphabet posters with images
  45. alphabet poster with line work
  46. flip calendar
  47. teacher forms
  48. lesson plan templates
  49. binder covers and spines
  50. group organizers
  51. meet the teacher flyers
  52. hall passes
  53. newsletter templates
  54. objective posters
  55. coin posters
  56. back-to-school postcards
  57. seasonal bin labels
  58. 10 drawer rolling cart labels
  59. 12 drawer rolling cart labels
  60. teacher tool box labels
  61. patch letters ICH
  62. friendship bead ICH
  63. pocket chart calendar
  64. door toppers

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