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Explore the perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal as our Classroom Bulletin Board Sets become the focal point of your educational space. Whether you're reinforcing curriculum concepts, celebrating achievements, or fostering a positive classroom culture, these sets offer a versatile and stylish solution. Turn your bulletin boards into engaging teaching aids that spark curiosity and encourage student participation.
Introducing Simply Stylish Tropical, a vibrant Schoolgirl Style Classroom Decor Collection designed to infuse the delight of the tropics and pops of happiness into your learning space! This collection seamlessly blends style with the tropical charm of pineapples, creating a perfect fusion of flair and fun. Immerse your classroom in the beautiful details and soothing colors of popsicles, pineapples, florals, and flamingos that are sure to inspire your students as they flourish in the enchanting environment you've crafted for them. The dynamic graphics, coupled with classic black and white elements, are undeniably eye-catching. Make Simply Stylish Tropical the perfect addition to your classroom, transforming it into a year-round 'beach' where learning is as refreshing as a tropical breeze.
At Schoolgirl Style, we understand that when it comes to classroom decor ideas for preschool, elementary, middle school or high school, every detail matters. Shop in STYLE with our diverse selection of Classroom Decorations, Bulletin Board Borders, Classroom Rugs, Bulletin Board Paper, and Printable Classroom Decor, personally curated by Melanie Ralbusky, Founder and Creative Director. Whether you're in search of Teacher Resources, Seasonal inspiration, or delightful Teacher lifestyle additions, Schoolgirl Style stands as your one stop Teacher Shop.
  • 1 large pineapple 
  • 2 trees 
  • 2 flamingos 
  • 2 flower clusters 
  • 4 poms
  • 5 tassels 
  • 9 small pineapples 

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