Schoolgirl Style - Good Vibes Groovy Smilies Statement Piece

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Statement Pieces are the centerpieces to classroom walls - think enlarged cut-outs, revamped - perfect for adding "wow" statements and filing empty space!

Melanie is known for enlarging cut-outs to create large wall art pieces in makeovers - but enlarging at a print shop can get pricy - creating the statement piece category is our solution to getting beautiful classroom decor in your hands, without the big price tag.

The pieces for Good Vibes are full of the most soothing colors and the most groovy icons. 

This product will come on a 26"x39" piece of paper. It will come folded and have slight creasing


The goodness included:

  • 1 giant groovy smile statement piece
  • 5 smiley faces {varying sizes}
  • 4 retro rainbows  {varying sizes}

Available in:

UCUT ~ preprinted product mailed to your door that will require you to cut-out, then decorate your heart out! 


Schoolgirl Style™’s line of trendy classroom accessories helps to take the guesswork out of styling and managing classroom design. Each collection, designed by Melanie Ralbusky, offers a signature look that will transform empty spaces into extraordinary spaces for students to enjoy. The variety of décor options in the Schoolgirl Style collection makes it possible for anyone to design and decorate classrooms that inspire learning and joy! 

Collection for Personal Use Only.  Please do not share, distribute or copyright the files.

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