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At Schoolgirl Style, we understand the significance of creating learning environments that foster connection and understanding. Our Classroom Calendar Bulletin Board Sets are designed to be not just informative but also transformative, providing a central space for meaningful discussions about time, seasons, and the exciting events ahead. Transform your classroom into a hub of curiosity, where each day is a new opportunity for discovery. Explore Schoolgirl Style's Calendar Bulletin Board Sets and let time unfold in a visually stunning and educationally enriching manner. Because in our classrooms, every moment counts, and every day is a chance to inspire, learn, and grow together.

What's Included: 6, 17" x 23" sheets that need to be punched out (no cutting required)

Embark on a Floral Classroom Decor journey with the Midnight Meadow Classroom Decor collection by Schoolgirl Style. This Classroom Décor collection is inspired by wildflowers and evokes the magic of reading in a dreamy garden nook. Classic details like flair pens and notebook paper dance on walls, while whimsical mushrooms elicit smiles. Channeling Emily Dickinson vibes, this Floral classroom décor collection encourages students to explore distant lands through books, embracing the beauty of kindness and the significance of their unique, ongoing stories. 

At Schoolgirl Style, we understand that when it comes to classroom decor, every detail matters. Shop in STYLE with our diverse selection of Classroom Decor, Bulletin Board Borders, Classroom Rugs, Bulletin Board Paper, and Printable Classroom Decor, personally curated by Melanie Ralbusky, Founder and Creative Director. Whether you're in search of Teacher Resources, Seasonal inspiration, or delightful Teacher lifestyle additions, Schoolgirl Style stands as your one stop Teacher Shop.

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