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Find your inner Picasso with this creative classroom theme!  Start with a classic black and white background, then add pops of color throughout!  Create a unique student centered classroom by adding children's work and art projects for an innovative, fun, and playful classroom environment.  No worries about coordinating colors...EVERYTHING you add to the space will always look amazing!  This happens to be Schoolgirl Style's personal favorite collection! 

This listing is for our How Do You Get Home chart. Just print and cut out!

Don't forget that many items in the COLOR MY CLASSROOM - Full Collection are EDITABLE! No more worries about your handwriting - you can type into the labels and PRINT!

Everything you need to decorate your space is included in this package!

 COLOR MY CLASSROOM - Full Collection includes:

  1. Alphabet letter cards – Cursive
  2. Alphabet letter cards – Penmanship
  3. Cursive and manuscript alphabet line
  4. Alphabet pennant banner for personalization
  5. Watercolor pennant banners
  6. Small and large watercolor number circles
  7. COLOR MY CLASSROOM inspirational posters and bulletin board embellishments (print at your favorite office supply store)
  8. Binder Covers (Editable)
  9. Binder Spines (Editable)
  10. Birthday charts
  11. COLOR MY CLASSROOM doodle cutouts
  12. Nametags - (Editable)
  13. Days of the Week Chart
  14. Months of the Year Chart
  15. Nameplates (Editable)
  16. Pantone color chart
  17. Large Doodle Frames for children's self portraits (print at your favorite office supply store)
  18. 1-120 Number Line
  19. Small doodle frames
  20. Weather Chart
  21. Large COLOR MY CLASSROOM calendar with seasons, days of the week, and bulletin board embellishments (print at your favorite office supply store)
  22. Tally Mark Chart
  23. Doodle Crayons (editable)
  24. Coordinating papers to use for classroom craft projects
  25. Days of the week headers for large calendar
  26. How do we get home? Chart
  27. Shape posters
  28. Today's date (for calendar)
  29. Large watercolor circles (editable)


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Photos courtesy of E.C. Campbell Photography in Clarkston, Michigan

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