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If you are looking for classroom rugs, you have come to the right place!

Welcome to Schoolgirl Style's exclusive collection of stylish classroom rugs, where innovative design meets educational functionality.  In fact, our teacher rug designs are a fan favorite among teachers nationwide! Additionally, we are the ONLY website to carry every design that Schoolgirl Style offers! We can't wait for you to find your favorite rug design today.

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Should I have a rug in my classroom?

Top ten reasons why classroom carpets are a must have addition to your learning environment!

  1. First, they are a place to gather and connect with your students. A soft space to make memories on.
  2. Secondly, an area rug can help give your students a sense of safety and comfort.
  3. They can help guide classroom flow and movement. Especially with your younger students.
  4. Rugs in a classroom can contribute to improved air quality. They trap dust particles from the air so they do not circulate and get into your lungs. Just remember to vacuum your rug daily!
  5. The appearance of a rug is inviting to the learning space and contributes to the feel of the entire classroom.
  6. Similary, they are aesthetically pleasing and can carry color around the room.
  7. Rugs can establish boundaries and will help your room stay clean and organized as it clearly defines a space.
  8. They naturally help soften acoustics and can cut down on loud noises.
  9. Furthermore, they will ground the space and contribute to a more calm classroom environment.
  10. Lastly, safety in the classroom! Fewer slips. Fewer falls.

Overall, we bring you the trendiest styles in teacher rugs with a variety of colors, textures, and themes unlike anywhere else! Crafted for durability, they withstand the daily hustle and bustle of busy educational environment and not to mention that they meet or exceed class one fire rating, making them a smart investment for any school or learning center. Based in the heart of Michigan, we take pride in offering a range of teacher rugs that have become the most sought-after designs among teachers and educational companies nationwide. Our area rugs are more than just floor coverings, they are a canvas for learning, creativity, and a place to make memories with your students.  

"My Schoolgirl Style Rug is the magnet in my Kindergarten classroom! The kids love sitting on it and it brings me joy every time I am in my room! Melanie has the BEST designs to choose from!"

-Sophie M.

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Please note, as you are perusing rugs:

Rugs are MADE TO ORDER with all the love! Once you find and purchase your dream-of-a-classroom-rug, your order gets sent to the AMAZING rug facility in the sweet state of Georgia! YAY USA! Over the next 6-10 weeks the crowning jewel in your classroom decor (AKA your rug) will be intricately MADE FOR YOU! Once the little darling is headed your way, you will receive a tracking number via the Schoolgirl Style Shop. Don't forget to tag us, once your rug has found it's new happy place in your classroom! 

Disclaimer: Due to the differences in monitor and device settings, there may be a slight difference in color between what is shown on the site and the final product. 

    smiley face classroom rug pink and orange
    composition notebook classroom rug with pastel designed by Schoolgirl Style
    Light Wood Grain | Classroom Rug | Boho Rainbow | Schoolgirl Style
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    Boho Rainbow | Neutral Rainbow | Classroom Rug | Schoolgirl Style
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