Black and White Rugs

Schoolgirl Style classroom rugs are the crowning jewel in classroom decor, and THE perfect finishing touch. The colors coordinate beautifully with many of the our collections, and the texture is oh-so-soft and comforting for all those sweet moments shared on the classroom rug.

Rugs are a gathering place within classrooms — a place to learn, ask questions and connect. They are central to building community within classroom environments, and provide such a warm welcome for all who enter your room! Our classroom rugs are a perfect avenue to usher friendship and togetherness.

Please note, as you are perusing rugs:

Rugs are MADE TO ORDER with all the love! Once you find and purchase your dream-of-a-classroom-rug, your order gets sent to the AMAZING rug facility in the sweet state of Georgia! YAY USA! Over the next 3-5 weeks the crowning jewel in your classroom decor (AKA your rug) will be intricately MADE FOR YOU! Once the little darling is headed your way, you will receive a tracking number via the Schoolgirl Style Shop. Don't forget to tag us, once your rug has found it's new happy place in your classroom!